Typical Guatemalan Breakfast

Typical Guatemalan Breakfast

I have shown you the typical Guatemalan breakfast at least three times and each time has been somehow different, how so? Well, what can I say, there are a series of ingredients that can be assorted to make breakfast taste very Guatemalan. The typical Guatemalan breakfast must include, however, black beans, fried plantain slices, fresh cheese, and eggs. Other ingredients that can be present in the desayuno chapín are cream, bread, tortillas, chirmol (tomato sauce), salsa verde (green tomatillo sauce), fresh fruits, panqueques (pancakes), longaniza (white sausage), chorizo (red sausage), salchichas (wiener sausage, like in hot dogs), carne asada (charchoal-grilled beef steak), coffee, mosh (oatmeal) or avena (the correct word in Spanish), hot chocolate, orange juice, et cetera.

What other ingredients have you found in your typical Guatemalan breakfast?

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