Guatemalan Cuisine: Guacamol

Guatemalan Cuisine: Guacamol by Rudy Girón

Guacamol has to be among the most present sauces or salads in the Guatemalan cuisine; as well as chirmol and often together. Chirmol (Guatemalan tomato-based sauce) and guacamol (avocado sauce) are often found with typical dishes like parrilladas and chuparrascos. Guacamol is also found in tostadas. Guacamol, of course, is part of the diet of Panzas Verdes.

There are several recipes of Guatemalan guacamol, including one that is very similar to the Mexican guacamole. However, the Guatemalan guacamol is often prepared with chopped onions, lime juice, oregano (marjoram) and chiltepes. In my family I often had it mixed with what seemed to be pico de gallo. Guacamol is also the spread for tortillas con longanizas (Guatemalan white sausages).

I could go on and on about guacamol like Bubba about shrimp!

Did you know that aguacate, avocado, comes from the Mexican Nahuatl language word ahuacacuauhitl; do you know what it means?

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