Sushi Fridays

Sharing Sushi at Ubi's Sushi by Arturo Godoy

In La Antigua Guatemala we’ve started the tradition to have sushi for lunch on Fridays; it’s Rudy’s fault really since he organized it. The place: Ubi’s Sushi because is quite affordable, and just exquisite. We call them Viernes de sushi.

Bit by bit, the group has grown, and today I found myself amongst graphic designers that also love photograph. It was a great lunch, we talked about movies, music, food, and of course photography. I think Antigua’s Photo Club will also have two new members.

The more the merrier and a larger group to share the passion for photography and the good living. Who knows, these lunches might be the beginning of Antigua’s Epicure Club because as @ienilara declared: Somos sibaritas 🙂

text and photos by Arturo Godoy. Check out Arturo’s portfolio to purchase photos from his massive photographic bank.

Sharing Sushi at Ubi's Sushi 2 by Arturo Godoy Sharing Sushi at Ubi's Sushi 4 by Arturo Godoy Sharing Sushi at Ubi's Sushi 3 by Arturo Godoy

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