Asian Tourists Have Arrived to Antigua Guatemala

Asian Tourists Have Arrived Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala is very culturally rich and enchanting town; thus it comes as no surprise that La Antigua Guatemala is the premier touristic destination in Central America. Antigua Guatemala has evolved into a cosmopolitan city to accommodate travelers and tourists who choose to spend some time in this 500-year old Spanish Colonial Town embedded between coffee plantations, flower farms and volcanoes in the highlands of Northern Central America.

So far most of the visitors have come from North America and Europe. However, it is quite common to see Asian tourists stroll around town; and when I mean Asians, I mean the entire continent.

In the words of Jeannine who recently commented about Antigua Guatemala:

…it feels sooo good to know that I’ll be back in one of my favorite cities in the world !! ( though for me it’s more like a nice little village actually, cause people are so kind and open, everyone says hello, you can always find strangers to chat with in Parque Central and when you’re there for two weeks, you always seem to meet the same people all over town almost every day. I so love Antigua and reading your blog every day makes the time till the next vacation shorter ;o) !

How about you, do you feel welcome when you’re in La Antigua Guatemala?

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