Architectonic Details: Búcaro Fountains

Detalles arquitectónicos de La Antigua Guatemala by Rudy A. Girón

A búcaro fountain is half fountain normally embedded in a wall, normally near an inside patio, but it can be anywhere. I’ve photographed búcaro fountains for a while now and there are plenty of designs in the archives of Antigua Guatemala. Here’s a short list of some of the búcaro fountains found in the archives:

  1. Casa Antigüeña: The Búcaro
  2. Colonial Búcaro Fountain
  3. Corner Búcaro Fountain
  4. What in the World is a Búcaro?
  5. The búcaro inside the Burger King restaurant

Guatemala on the news Aside: The Big Picture of The Boston Globe published a photographic essay entitled Dangerous work: “The Mine” in Guatemala City where Associated Press photographer Rodrigo Abd documented how every day, dozens of residents salvage a living by scouring the massive dump for scrap metal. Facing the threat of mudslides, collapses, and disease, they can potentially earn twice the daily minimum wage. Also, closer to home, The world famous Carrera de las Charolas of La Antigua Guatemala appeared in the Framework section of Los Angeles Times, where each week Los Angeles Times compiles the very best in visual journalism.

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