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Cosmopolitan Antigua Guatemala

Recently, in Living La Vida Digital in Antigua Guatemala, I mentioned how cosmopolitan La Antigua Guatemala really is while showing a Philly …

Foodie Alert — Chicken Tiki Masala

Foodie Alert: Chicken Tikka Masala from Toko Baru

Today’s version of chicken tikka masala es from Toko Baru, a great joint located on 1a avenida sur, with lots of curry and pita sandwich options. I highlighted this diner for the first time back in April 2010 with a shorma kebab pita sandwich.

Pad Thai in Antigua Guatemala

As I have mentioned before, La Antigua Guatemala is quite possibly the most cosmopolitan city in Central America; especially regarding its international …

Place Du Pastis

Pastis (pronounced in UK: /ˈpæstɪs/, US: /pæˈstiːs/) is an anise-flavored liqueur and apéritif from France, typically containing 40–45% alcohol by volume, although …

Asian Tourists Have Arrived to Antigua Guatemala

…it feels sooo good to know that I’ll be back in one of my favorite cities in the world !! ( though for me it’s more like a nice little village actually, cause people are so kind and open, everyone says hello, you can always find strangers to chat with in Parque Central and when you’re there for two weeks, you always seem to meet the same people all over town almost every day. I so love

Sushi Bars in Antigua Guatemala

You may or may not know this: Guatemala is divided politically in Departamentos which are the equivalent of States or Provinces in …

Restaurant & Food Overview

RWOrange put together a very comprehensive list of the restaurants and food I have covered in AntiguaDailyPhoto in Chowhound. Here’s the list …

Baltika Beer in Antigua Guatemala

You know La Antigua Guatemala is a cosmopolitan town the moment Baltika beer specials are found in the local supermarket. That’s right …

The Titanic Sushi Sampler

In my never-ending quest to bring you the cosmopolitan dining options available in La Antigua Guatemala. Ubi’s Sushi, managed by chef Jeremías, …

Hector’s Carpaccio

Today’s a good day to have a carpaccio at Hector’s restaurant in La Antigua Guatemala, don’t you agree? Even though Héctor’s restaurant …

Vegetarian Pizza from Quesos y Vino

Here’s another cosmopolitan vegetarian menu option from Quesos y Vinos, one of the oldest Italian restaurants in La Antigua Guatemala. They serve …

Indian Cuisine Vegetarian Sampler

We continue our International Cuisine tour with a sampler of vegetarian food from India. As I said yesterday, here’s additional proof of …

Guatemalan Cuisine: Tapado

The tapado (covered) dish comes from the Guatemalan Caribbean region of Lí­vingston, in the department of Izabal. Lí­vingston’s population is made up by Black Guatemalans known as Garí­funas, Q’eqchi’ Maya and Mestizos (mixed) and it’s precisely this mixture that is necessary to create such a delicacy. If you are in La Antigua Guatemala, you can only find this dish at El Pelí­cano Dorado (I think). According to Guy, the ceviche connoisseur, you can also find a great ceviche at El Pelí­cano Dorado.

Window view of Mountains around La Antigua Guatemala

As beautiful, cosmopolitan, antique and modern as it is La Antigua Guatemala, many people choose to live in one of the surrounding villages that belong to the municipio (county) of La Antigua Guatemala. There are many reasons for this decision which range from the economics, ‘real guatemalan experience’, or simply to live in a more natural and greener environment.

Guateflora: Colas de Quetzal

You know you are in a Guatemalan home the moment you see the Colas de Quetzal (nephorlepsis spp.) or Quetzal’s tails (ferns) hanging in the corridors. The Colas de Quetzal bracken has to be one of the favorite ornamental plants used in the Guatemalan home. Some of these ferns or brackens are native to Guatemala, but they are considered cosmopolitan because they can grow anywhere. Colas de Quetzal can grown in hanging baskets, pots or in the ground, but they need some shadow to maintain the evergreen colors. The above photo of Colas de Quetzal was taken at Vivero La Escalonia (5a av. sur final), a very popular nursery in La Antigua Guatemala. Vivero La Escalonia is a great place to have breakfast or lunch.

Signs, Signs, Signs…

The above yellow corner is located on 1a calle poniente in La Antigua Guatemala. The Astoria delicatessen is just one of many delicatessen in La Antigua Guatemala. We are privileged in this aspect with access to some fine and exclusive ingredients. La Antigua Guatemala is a tiny town that wants to be a huge cosmopolitan metropolis, but without the traffic, rush hours, or smog. Let it dream!

Tortas Locas Hipocampo in La Antigua Guatemala

Every day that passes by makes La Antigua Guatemala a more cosmopolitan place to live. Mexican tortas is one of the latest additions to the antigüeño menu and what better transnational than Tortas Locas Hipocampo.

I had the tortas from Hipocampo in Mexico and they are made to the highest standards and the quality of their ingredients is superb. So, it was a surprise to learn they had opened a franchise here in La Antigua Guatemala. I had to go and try them out. The verdict is that the Tortas Locas Hipocampo serves pretty good tortas, not as good as the Mexicans since the bread is not exactly torta bread and they serve their tortas with french fries; this must be a Guatemalan twist. But overall the quality of the tortas is pretty good. It is on the expensive side for lunch though.