Mexican Shrimp Ceviches in La Antigua Guatemala

Preparing Mexican Shrimp Coctails 2

Okay, all my dear ceviche-loving friends (you know who you are), I have already placed the order for the shrimp ceviches and bought enough of the Guatemalan brews known as Moza and Brahva Beats. I know Manolo is bringing Stella Artois and Steam Whistle; Guy is bringing New Castle and Guinness; Jerry B is bringing a micro-brewery sampler from AleSmith; Edgar and Carmen are bringing Cubas Libres and whatever beer Edgar likes; El Canche is bringing himself out of piles photo memory chips and Guatemalan slavery-work schedules. Everyone is invited to this huge ceviche party, but you better hurry because the lady is putting the final ingredients on the Mexican shrimp ceviches available in La Antigua Guatemala. If you don’t like the Mexican ceviches, we can alway go to La Naranja Pelada or Blanqui Sevicherí­a for the sacred dish.

Don’t take too long… the ceviches won’t last forever, you know! 😉

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  • Woohoo! I’m in. 🙂 Where’s Edgar at man? Heehee…’cause I share, but when it comes to ceviche…mmmm, not so much. Okay, I’ll be nice. I’ll save his spot…and I’ll bring an Asahi beer for him. I hope he likes it. As far as ceviches, listen Rudy, I don’t discriminate. Although I do favor the Guatemalan ceviche I am one with all ceviches. 😉 Is that soy sauce in the syrup dispenser??? I can see some of the ingredients, but not all. I do see, however, that purple onions are used. I find they work better for ceviches. Salud! 😀

  • coltrane_lives


  • Jerry B

    No problem, Rudy! I think maybe an India Pale Ale, the extra hops bitterness will complement the intense flavors in the ceviche quite well, don’t you think? Of course, I’ll always go for a spicy michelada also! I’ll be there in mid-April, save me a chair!

  • Unas Centenarias atestiguaran ante semejante y suculento manjar… Gracias Rudy, esperamos poder armar la reunion del ceviche en la Antigua tan pronto como nos sea posible. Definitivamente sera un placer.

  • Steve

    Nice…Had some great ceviche in Panahachel. All the beers sound great too, but what about some Ilegal Mezcal from No Se Cafe’ ??