Guatemalan Cuisine: Revolcado, Pepian, Hilachas, Subanik, Longanizas

Guatemalan Cuisine: Revolcado, Pepian, Hilachas, Subanik, Longanizas

Okay, let’s meet for lunch today, the meals are on me. But, the menu options are limited: Guatemalan Revolcado, Pepian, Hilachas, Subanik and Longanizas.

For some reason, Guatemalans enjoy going out on the weekend and dining on the streets. That’s right, many people set up tent and a few pots with traditional Guatemalan dishes. You can find street food stands like the one shown on September 16th, 2008 from restaurants like La Cuevita de los Urquizú. These stands or tents can be found near El Calvario Church, on the Manchén Park, in San Felipe village and in many villages around Antigua Guatemala.

Poll Aside: I plan to make some small modification to the layout of the web site soon. In case you haven’t noticed, when you visit La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo, you are presented with 15 days per screen. Now, I would like to know whether you prefer to see 15 days at once (like it is right now) or just one week per screen?

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  • Cynthia

    I really enjoy your daily photos.
    You have a good eye for composition.
    I enjoy all the ones on food a drink best, as that is my area of interest.
    While visiting La Antigua earlier this year I enjoyed some of the street food, which can be tricky if you are a vegitarian, though it was very good.
    Thank you for taking the time for this photo page.

  • MaggieD

    Website change – whatever is easiest for you, so long as you keep the photos in the calendar archive because I do go back to the archive often. The Webcam disappeared from The Revue site and I miss it VERY much – I did look at it daily, just to see el Centro and street activity. 🙁 So, your pictures are all we have left….

  • @Cynthia, thanks for the feedback. You have no idea how important it is for me to receive comments and feedback.

    @MaggieD, No I will not modify the web site substantially; it is more like minor tweaks to speed the whole experience. For instance, by just having 7 days on each screen, the site feels 200% faster. Regarding the webcam image in the site, you know I was only pulling the image from the Telgua servers (the owners of the public webcams), but for some reason all the webcams stopped updating. Here is the direct folder where you check the images for all the webcams: