Gothic Tower at Iglesia de San Felipe

San Felipe Church Tower

Earlier this year, on September 30, I showed you the entrance to the San Felipe Church, which is the only gothic church around Antigua Guatemala. This is an exotic tower for this area since must of the façades are colonial Spanish baroque. I will have to dig up the history of the church and post a follow-up photo.

Now, after all the church photos I have posted so far, you might get the wrong impression that I am catholic or christian. Sorry to disappoint, I am neither. However, I do love architecture and churches, as repositories of power and wealth, have always had the money and the authority to show off the best architecture of the time. I believe this to be true for any religious temple in all the cultures and countries of the world.

Have you posted church photos in your Daily Photo about your city?

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  • I recognised this church instantly, I soooooo loved the porch of the same church you posted on ‘doorways’ day !

    I am no more religious than you but yes, I did also post a church recently : St Andrew’s cathedral, but more for what was in the background, just a few days ago on 9th Nov.

  • And by the way, this photo is beautiful!

  • Ah, you and me both Rudy: I am neither Catholic, nor christian, but church architecture is often beautiful. As you say, because the church generally had the money and, it is one of the best historical records we have.

  • Nathalie: welcome back. I will go look at your church photo now.

    Pamela: see, we even agree on this very subject. Antigua and Tenerife are really more alike than we assumed

  • How interesting! Nathalie from Sydney Daily Photo posted a gothic church, St. Andrew Cathedral, just a few days ago. Annie from Little Rock Daily Photo also posted a gothic church photo and it was St. Andrew Cathedral.

  • Meg

    “However, I do love architecture and churches, as repositories of power and wealth” – that’s what I wanted to say on Alice’s Arrandon, but you put it so eloquently, Rudy. People are surprised to hear that I, a Japanese, was baptized Catholic at birth and went to a French convent school (in Japan), but I just strive to be a good citizen and a kind resident of this planet. So, hear, hear!

  • the design of it is beautiful. the colours so restful and vibrant at the same time. of course you captured it in the most perfect light.

  • Beautiful photo! I love towers, turrets and wedding cake detailed architecture. This is delicious!

  • I’m here now also. Got to link to this site; it’s great!

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