Typical Guatemalan Breakfast

Typical Guatemalan Breakfast

I have shown you the typical Guatemalan breakfast at least three times and each time has been somehow different, how so? Well, what can I say, there are a series of ingredients that can be assorted to make breakfast taste very Guatemalan. The typical Guatemalan breakfast must include, however, black beans, fried plantain slices, fresh cheese, and eggs. Other ingredients that can be present in the desayuno chapín are cream, bread, tortillas, chirmol (tomato sauce), salsa verde (green tomatillo sauce), fresh fruits, panqueques (pancakes), longaniza (white sausage), chorizo (red sausage), salchichas (wiener sausage, like in hot dogs), carne asada (charchoal-grilled beef steak), coffee, mosh (oatmeal) or avena (the correct word in Spanish), hot chocolate, orange juice, et cetera.

What other ingredients have you found in your typical Guatemalan breakfast?

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  • Erick

    Wow, that’s mouth-watering stuff right there; it looks freaking delicious. I’m not sure if this is related, but I’ve also had tamales, paches, and chuchitos for breakfast…y claro, con frijoles.

    • @Erick, I have had tamales and chuchitos for breakfast, but not as an ingredient of the typical desayuno chapín. 🙁

  • Cristina

    You didn´t mention platanos, which are in the picture. Tamalitos instead of tortillas. Huevos estrellados con pan francés para absorber el “juguito” de la yema. Coffee and champurradas or some sort of sweet bread of course! It´s you typical 3 hour breakfast reserved for Sunday, after which you fire up the grill for the carne asada, cebollitas, etc. Dang! Sunday makes me sooo fat!

    • @Cristina, yes I did, it’s under must include section as fried plantain slices. 😉

  • Erick

    I just had lunch and I’m hungry already from reading these posts.

  • Monica

    Rudy, donde comiste este desayuno, yo quiero ir!

    • @Mónica, el desayuno es de Chichoy Km 102 carretera Panamericana.

      • Luis

        That’s exaclty the place were my wife and I are going to have breakfast this coming August when we visit Guatemala.

        Thanks for the preview. Another place to have a delicious “desayuno chapin” is La Posada de Don Rodrigo in La Antigua Guatemala.

  • sheila

    With this breakfast you don’t need lunch 🙂

  • leif hagen

    Looks like a delicious breakfast with some zip!!

  • Stephanie

    This photo made me think of when my husband and I were bicycling in western Ireland. The inn owners would make us HUGE breakfasts and be very concerned that we weren’t eating enough to get us through the 40-50 miles we planned on bicycling during the day. We could never convince them that a relatively *small* breakfast made for easier bicycling!

    How different than here in the USA where modern life has led to the need to remind people that breakfast is an important meal. Non-existent or completely unhealthy breakfasts are the norm for many people here. But in other countries a hearty and healthy breakfast has remained the norm. Is it our sedentary lifestyles? The rat race of our schedules? Our fast-food culture? Hmmm…

  • I stopped any activity and started meditating over this photo… I wonder how looks like Guatemalan lunch. Now I run to the kitchen:-))
    Great photo.

  • Eric

    Wow, Rudy, I hope you had a big breakfast, because it’s 5pm Friday, and I’m reading about Pacaya giving a little shout to everyone near Ciudad. Hope all’s well in La Antigua !

    • @Eric, sorry! It’s been a hectic day and I haven’t got the chance to publish today’s photo; however, I still have a few hours left in the day, right? Also, even if I don’t update AntiguaDailyPhoto right away, I still try to update as often as possible with news and other stuff through Twitter at http://twitter.com/antiguaDP, which by the way shows up as Antigua News Tweets on the left sidebar below the search box. Furthermore, there are additional updates at AntiguaDailyPhoto Fan page at http://www.facebook.com/antiguadailyphoto. Check out those links for all the recent news regarding the volcano activity and the black sand rains falling over Guatemala City.

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  • Amazingly

    It is “AS always, not LIKE always,” for those who cared enough to go to school AND listen. Plus, there is no telephone number listed for Travel Menu, Antigua, as you say there is.

    • Thanks for your grammar tips, I certainly appreciate them as much as you appreciate the information and photos found in this site. Logic dictates that if no telephone number is listed is because there’s no telephone number.

  • daniela

    Whoa, when I was in Guatemala the breakfasts were tortillas, black beans, coffee and MAYBE a roll. Similar to the lunches and dinners. Oh and on market day, you could get atol and maybe fruit or arroz con leche from vendors. And more coffee. No eggs, cream, sausage, orange juice etc. But this was in one of the little aldeas near Comalapa

    • As everywhere, you milage may vary depends where you live. You probably were living in a poverty-stricken environment because a breakfast similar to the above can be had in many places in Guatemala. I must admit though, this is a deluxe breakfast, but having beans, eggs, cream or cheese for breakfast is quite normal. 

      • Evolina

        Yup, I agree. Black (refried) beans,eggs,plantains,cream,cheese,tortillas and a cup of coffee is the classic breakfast pretty much anywhere in Guatemala. I’m from Petén and that’s what a classic breakfast looks like there too.

  • lico43

    Cafe Antigua!!!!……

  • Jose

    Creo que se trata de un artículo de la rejilla , ya que me ha ayudado mucho en el proyecto español .

  • Jose

    David looks like deep fried week old celery that hasn’t been refrigerated for at least a week.

  • Jose

    david thinks he is cool

  • Jose

    and smart

  • shuante

    how much would this cost in restaurant

    • Prices vary depending on the restaurant and the quality of the food. If I recall correctly, this breakfast was Q40/$5.

  • Jose Byron Gonzalez

    In the city, either Los Antojitos or the restaurant of Hotel Panamerican have excellent traditional breakfasts. In Los Angeles: Puchica in Sherman Oaks. Bring your own french bread from the Whole Foods across the street.

  • Jose Byron Gonzalez

    Still the stuff that dreams are made of…. I so anticipate our once-a-month breakfast with my family here in L.A.

  • Mike

    Breakfast from my country Guatemala may vary depending on the area you live. For example, if you live in Oriente (Zacapa and other places like Chiquimula) the popular meal are huevos con chorizo y frijoles colados con crema y platanos (scrambled eggs with chorizo, black beans soup with cream and fried plantains). Also, tortillas de harina con carne y frijol are very popular in Izabal (stuffed flour tortillas with meat and beans) and in places like Chiquimula many people eat for breakfast a empanada (some sort of deep fries “pastry” made with corn and stuffed with cheese, meat or loroco). Others would take huevos estrellados con carne asada (eggs with grilled steak). If you live Occidente (Huehuetenango) you could have for breakfast tortillas a la parrilla con queso chancol, frijoles parados o carne de cordero (grilled tortillas with chancol cheese, beans and lamb meat). Others would take only café con pan (coffee with sweet bread)