Guatemalan Finquero Breakfast

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Desayuno Finquero at Cafetenango

The finquero word could be translated as the plantation or ranch owner. So a Finquero desayuno, breakfast, would be one that normally the owner of a plantation or large ranch would have in the mornings. As you can see the main difference between the typical Guatemalan breakfast and the finquero desayuno are basically the large sirloin beef steak that comes with the breakfast since the refried black beans, eggs, cheese and fried plantain are present. By the way, this breakfast can be had at Cafetenango restaurant inside Finca Filadelfia. Bon appetite!

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  • Tom de NY

    Lo interesante para mi es que la diferencia entre un “típico” y un “finquero” es lo que realmente no es bueno para la salud. ¿Un bistec cada mañana? Hombre, a mi me parece que esto sería la receta para unos problemitas cardiacos. No digo que ser pobre es saludable, pero en este caso…

    • Bueno Tom de NY, no sé si realmente haya gente que coma un bistec todas las mañanas; tal vez sí, pero eso sería un exceso. Aunque el “típico” también se subdivide entre con longaniza, chorizo o salchicha o sin. En este caso “finquero” sencillamente significa que in bistec para el desayuno no cualquiera lo puede costear a menos que tengás una finca pues.

  • Tom de NY

    Pero también te digo que algo se me hace agua la boca, pues…

    • Que te puedo decir Tom de NY, estaba deliciosísimo. 😉

      • Tom de NY

        Ay, que mala honda, tratar de ponerme celoso… ;0D

  • NYChapin

    Well, book me a reservation for this place Rudy, cause I’m just about ready to buy my flight for Semana Santa !! My calendar is wide open for all invitations, je je je ( arriving Jueves Santo)
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you usually travel out of Antigua during this time, to avoid the crowds? if not, I can penciling in lunch at Hector’s ! suggestions?

    • Well NYChapin, either I go elsewhere or I stay home for the duration of the Holy Week. Normally, we stack up enough supplies so we don’t have to leave the house. But if you come, I will make an exception and meet with you at Hector’s or Bistro H as it is now known. 😉

  • Erick!

    I would have no problems having that breakfast for lunch and/or dinner, it looks great.

    • Me too, serve it up anytime you want is my motto.

  • Luis

    It seems that NYChapin and I will be arriving to La Antigua Guatemala the same day. For some reason flying in TACA (Avianca) from San Francisco on Jueves Santo is cheaper than other days. I wanted to fly the week before Semana Santa but the airfare is $200 more than on Jueves Santo.

    To me best breakfast similar to the photo is from La Posada de Don Rodrigo.

    Clarification, the meat shown on the picture is Carne Asada not Bistec like Tom de NY is calling it. Bistec is prepared in different way.

    • Hey Luis, what if we all meet for lunch or dinner or simply to have some cervecitas. How about it?
      And yes, the meat shown here is carne asada, lomito asado to be precise.

    • Tom de NY

      Tiene razon. Es que pensaba en ingles cuando escribi…

    • NYChapin

      Hola Luis,
      You are right, for some reason the prices start going down on thursday. I once flew for $225 from NYC. Enjoy !

      • $225 round trip from NYC? Why are those fares NOT AVAILABLE to Guatemalans flying from Guatemala City to NYC? 🙁

        El 14/01/2013, a las 14:08, Disqus escribió:
        [image: DISQUS]

        NYChapin (unregistered) wrote, in response to Luis:
        Hola Luis,
        You are right, for some reason the prices start going down on thursday. I once flew for $225 from NYC. Enjoy !

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        • NYChapin

          It had a long layover in Mexico DF. Long enough to leave the airport and drive to the Zocalo, La Unam and get some tacos ! But I have no been able to get anything close to that lately.

          • Even better, I like to have a round trip to NYC for $225 with enough time in Mexico City to have some tacos and go to Bellas Artes and the Zocalo. That’s a great deal for sure.

  • El Canche

    Well Rudy; another brilliant food picture that gets everyone wanting to travel to Antigua…certainly works that way for me! Maybe the finquero will get a cholesterol overload and die early, but is is quality of life not quantity…maybe just one of those breakfasts every week and fruit on the other days?

    • That’s what I say, bring the finquero breakfast at least once a week for me. 😉

  • Clara

    “If it looks good, eat it!” Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods host)

    • Great advice Clara, will take you up on it.

  • Eric

    I see, on my next visit, I will be spending a lot of time at Cafetenango restaurant … if I can escape the charms of the lovely tortilla ladies on the way, that is. 😉