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Guatemalan Catholic Women

You talkin’ to me? No. Honest I am not talking to you… I believe that Antigua Guatemala and the surrounding villages are …


Vibrant Guatemalan Women

As a graphic designer I can never ceased to be amazed by the intricate brightly colored textiles worn by the Maya people …


Here, Take My Photo

On the weekends Calle del Arco is turn into a pedestrian strip and several business bring out benches, carts and flowers and …


Taking A Short Break

Often we hear that Guatemala is a country of contrasts. Even I try to show it often and what better way to …


Guatemalan Weekend Fashion

The people from Guatemala City are known as capitalinos; residents of the Capital city. Women from Guatemala City would be capitalinas. La …


What are they guarding?

Let’s know your guesses in the comments or stay tune for an upcoming entry with the answer. 😉


Guatemalan Indigenous Women

Here’s the follow-up photo to yesterday’s rear view mirror vista. In this picture, you can appreciate the different cortes worn by the …


Rear View Mirror Vistas

Some people like photos without people; aseptic and sterile images pues. I am the opposite. To me what makes the image interesting …


Guatemalan Women Are Moving!

I am happy to report that slowly but surely Guatemalan women are moving into all the positions they deserve. Two good friends …