Close-up at a coffee plantation

coffee trees and shadow trees

Coffee trees do not grow very tall and that is why they are easy to harvest. Here you see coffee trees which are the short plants and the shadow trees which are the tall trees. Coffee trees need shadow trees and that is why is easy to confuse them, especially if you never have seen a coffee tree. La Antigua Guatemala produces one of the best coffees in the world and because it is grown a mid-level altitude (1500 meters) on volcanic soil and with lots of water and humidity in the environment, the resulting coffee is not as bitter as Huehuetenango coffee, yet it is more aromatic; truly as delicious coffee cup (follow the link to see the whole process from the trees to the cup at Finca Filadelfia, photos courtesy of Eve Andersson). On my post on Live green fences you can see a panoramic shot of two coffee plantations divided by a road.

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