Greetings from Fire volcano

Fire volcano

On my photo for May 11, 2006, I forgot to mention that one of the volcanoes in the background is actually active. On this follow-up photo you can see the smoke, ashes and lava being sent onto the sky from Fire volcano (Volcán de Fuego). It is an extraordinary sight and you can still get much closer and be safe. This shot was taken two blocks from my home. There is about three month time separation for the two photos.

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  • Wow that is a beautiful photo! I love the blue skies, but what are those white triangles on the foot of the volcano?

  • Wow! That’s certainly a dramatic landscape. We don’t have anything like that in the UK!

  • wow…that’s impressive…

  • i see something like a plantation there (?) and is it safe to stay so near?

    Incredible shot!

  • Anne, those white triangles are greenhouses for growing alfalfa sprouts and the like.

    Vicki, in the UK you have other type of dramatic landscapes.

    Lisi, thanks for the visit. I see you are stalking me now. 😉

    Kris, the photo has a depth of field which is misleading. The greenhouses that see at the foot of the volcano are about 500 meters from where I took the picture. The Fire Volcano which you see in the background is about 20 Kilometers from this field.

  • Anonymous

    I love your photos. I have been checking back with you every day to see what new pictures you have posted–they take me back to a day I spent there last year. I like this one a lot. Could you post a piture of volcan de agua?? And tell why it is called that?? Thanks!

  • Dear anonymous, it has been cloudy lately and I have not had the chance to take a photo of Water Volcano. In the mean time, you can visit Danne’s today’s picture to see a Water Volcano shot.

  • Lu!

    no hay más que decir!

  • Spencer

    hey, great picture of volcan fuego, i have lived in Guatemala City as a missionary kid for 4 years and have seen fuego several times. i dont think i have ever seen it on such a clear day though. Was this photo taken in the dry season?

  • Spencer: yes the photo was taken in the dry season. You can see the following Fire volcano pictures here: Fire and Acatenango Volcanoes Wallpaper and Field of lettuce and vegetables.

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