Mermaids from Main Fountain at Central Park

Mermaid in the Fountain at Central Park

Just two days ago I was showing the original mermaids in the Santiago Museum and I said I did not have a close-up shot of the existing mermaids from the main fountain in Parque Central so you can compare them. The closes thing was the main fountain in Even the Fountains Take a Break. Thanks to Christina from Omaha DP for providing a link to a close up of the mermaids from her last trip to Guatemala. That day I went to take a few shots on my lunch hour so I can do this follow up. Here is an even closer look at the mermaids; there are four of them.

Tomorrow, May 10th, is Mother’s Day in Guatemala. I am sending big hugs and kisses to my own mother now living in Las Vegas; I miss you very much!

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