Even the Fountains Take a Break

Washing the Fountain

Fountains come in all shapes, but one thing is common to all of them: they need maintenance. Here you see La Antigua Guatemala’s most famous fountain taking a break for cleaning. For a tour around the world with the many different fountains available at other Daily Photo blogs, just click away: Manila, Santiago de Chile, Paris, San Diego, Stavanger, Dubai, Mexico City, Bordeaux, Mahboula (Kuwait) and Dallas. Nonetheless, I believe Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo has the most photos of fountains.

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  • Ha! – I take that as a challenge – I’m gonna start a Zurich Daily Fountain Blog!

  • It’s certainly a very nice fountain especially with the workman in the top 🙂

  • Richard — Can’t wait for it! 🙂

    Rudy — your fountain beats my fountain by a mile. I can’t belive a MAN is in the TOP of it! Huge and beautiful. Even better than a more traditional shot of it running.

  • There is no doubt your fountains are more numerous and much grander than ours. My favorite fountain photo I have take was of ice in the fountain.

  • Richard, who needs fountain when you have gorgeous black-n-white photography. Heck, I trade you all my fountains for one of your bw photos, any really.

    Angela, I thought the maintenance men was a more interesting shot.

    Lessie, I am in a privilege situation which I allows me to see thousands of images about La Antigua Guatemala, so I know what are the obvious shots. I have tried not show the often-shown photos taken from the same positions and the same angles; although sometimes it is very difficult or near impossible to get an original shot.

    Denton, I like your frozen-ice fountain. It is almost like taken a shot of racing car with very fast shutter speed and freezing it against the blurry background.

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