Selling Paintings on the Streets of Antigua

Selling Paintings on the Streets of Antigua

It is not unusual to find people selling handicrafts, furniture, orchids, telephones, pens and pencils and anything really; so it comes as no surprise to see an indigenous woman selling paintings with La Antigua Guatemala motifs.

These costumbrismo paintings are done by local painters sitting on small stool right on the streets.

I am sure one day I will find one of my photos as a painting… I know for a fact that’s already happened since a couple of artists from abroad asked permission to use them as reference.

Now, here’s a little surprise I am going to let you in… beginning next Monday, I too will be selling my photos through this site. You will be able to order very affordable signed (or not) 4″x6″, 8″x10″ and 11″x14″ prints in color, black and white or sepia on glossy, matte, luster or metallic paper of any photo available at La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. Stay tune for more details or contact me if you just can’t wait.

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