Guatemalan Fruit: Zapote

Guatemalan Fruit: Zapote

Many were the contributions of Meso-America to the world in terms of brand-new dietary crops; so long is the list that one can not imagine a world without such staples like maize (corn), tomatoes, avocados, potatoes, squash, pumpkins, tomatillo, beans, red hot chili peppers [not the rock band ;-)], et-cetera.

Some crops from Meso-America, however, fair better in the world than others, like jocotes (red mombin), jocotes de marañón (cashew mombin), zapotes. I am not sure how well sapotes are known beyond the borders of Meso-America. I know some people would not know what jocote cashew looks like even though they might be very familiar with the cashew nuts.

You are going to have to come if you want to look at one of the stranger-looking tropical fruits from the Guatemala: Jocote de Marañón.

Well, looking at a photograph helps in learning the shape and colors of the Guatemalan tropical fruits, but describing its taste is another matter altogether. How do describe the taste of zapotes (sapote mamey)?

My part of the equation goes as far as showing the Guatemalan tropical fruits and providing some context background information. I am going to request the help of the AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com visitors and friends in describing the taste of zapotes, caimitos and jocotes de marañón and mangos de pashte. Please, help!

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