Guatemalan Cuisine: Parrillada Guatemalateca

Guatemalan Cuisine: Parrillada Guatemalateca by Rudy Girón

Through the many entries in the Guatemalan cuisine category we can conclude that Guatemalans love to barbecue and charcoal-grilled meats.

Last year I explained that Chuparrasco is when Guatemalans mix the barbecuing with drinking in a social gathering. Parrillada is another word we use often in Guatemala to describe a charcoal-grilled meat sampler. Normally, a parrillada includes chicken, lomito and puyaso beef stakes, pork chops, chorizo (red sausage) and longaniza (white sausage). You can order parrillada (grilled meats) for two or more people; almost never for one person. At restaurants, parrilladas are served with either baked potatoes, French fries, or salads and chimichurri. I guess I will have to do another entry for chimicurri.

Have you had a Guatemalan parrillada yet?

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