Guatemalan Food: Salpicón

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Guatemalan meat salad: Salpicón image by Rudy Girón + http://photos.rudygiron.comSalpicón is a meat salad; that is right I said meat salad. It is made of minced beef, onion, tomato, mint, chile, salt and lemon or sour orange. Salpicón is just one of the meat salads one can find in Guatemala. By the way, this is my first try at preparing salpicón and since I do not own a food processor I simply chopped the bolovique meat as fine as I could since this is how I imagined the original recipe was made before technology allowed for extremely minced meat. I made this photograph with natural light through a window with a ƒ5.6 aperture for a medium depth of field, 0.6s for shutter speed at an ISO of 100 with a 50mm. What a difference when compared to my first shot of salpicón as served in a diner in Antigua Guatemala shown as a thumbnail on the right, don’t you think?

Other Guatemalan meat salads are: Chojín, Ensalada de Buche, Ensalada de Pancita, Piloyada Antigüeña, Ceviches and, of course, fiambre.

Does anyone have the recipe for Guatemalan salpicón to share with the rest of us?

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