Guatemalan Cuisine: Jocón

Guatemalan Cuisine: Jocón

A while back I tease those crazy Guatemalan who have decided to live abroad (you know who you are) with a photo of the ingredients for the world-famous Guatemalan green tomato sauce: Jocón.

Yesterday, I showed how anyone could prepare Jocón at home if you can get your hands on a 7Caldos Jocón jar. I even tease my kid sister about how easily is to prepare jocón if you follow the simple cooking instructions on the jar. Well, I kid you not, even I can prepare the Guatemalan green tomato sauce jocón.

Here is the useless trivia nobody cares about: The güisquil (chayote) you see in this dish is the same güisquil that I showed to you on January 18th. The Moza bock beer is there for the benefit of Manolo in the big T. The potato halves are not normally found in Jocón, but I like them. 😉

Switching servers aside: will be moving to a new server based out of Chicago. Please, be kind if you encounter some time outs or if things do not work at 100% in the next few days. I promise I will be expeditious and diligent at fixing everything up as soon as possible.

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  • blaqgurl

    Mmmmmm delicioso! Extraño la comida chapina, especialmente este plato. ¡Esta foto se me hace agua la boca!

  • emromesco

    Hoy cabal me eche una bockbier para recordarme de la Moza.

    I was just about to write you about the weird stuff that is happening with your blog. I follow it through San Google’s reader, so no problem, but people that are less “jai tec” might have issues with reaching you.



  • Yummy! Thanks for the information about jacon. I will have to try it soon!

  • Eric

    Rudy, I have three months to go before my next visit to La Antigua. The photos of the food are torture enough, but when you throw in the bottle of Moza, it is too much. Es mi favorita !
    And yes, if Amanda with AntiguaFC wants to carry jars of 7Caldos, she can count on me as a customer.

  • Víctor

    No se valeeeeee. Extraño mi comidaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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  • Be

    Wow! Never knew about the jar of Jocon, my mom makes it all for scratch and its oh soo good!