Beer and Hamburger Combo from Flan Antigüeño

Beer & Hamburger Combo from Flan Antigüeño

Guatemalans have a tendency to adopt foreign foods easily, but always adding the Guatemalan twist. That’s how you explain shucos from hot dogs, mixtas from hot dogs, nachos, papas fritas locas, pizza with ketchup, ceviche, pirujos from subway sandwiches, and so on.

Hamburgers are no exception. In La Antigua Guatemala, one of the best places to have a Guatemalan hamburger is at La Casa del Flan Antigüeño, right on Central Park. They have a combo which includes the hamburger, french fries, a tiny salad and beer; lager or dark, your choice.

I am sure I am missing many more examples of Guatemalanization of imported food; can you guys help?

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