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New Look of Parque Central

The new garden areas, plants, flowers and fences of Parque Central, the main square, of Antigua Guatemala have given the central park …

Help The Park Photographers

Many parks and main squares in Guatemala have photographers making a living by taken snapshots of visitors who want to keep a …

Only in LAG: Furry Bicycle by Rudy Giron

Only in LAG: Furry Bicycle

Here’s another a very good specimen for the Only in LAG category, don’t you think? Come on where else can you find …

Enjoying a day sans rain by Rudy Girón

Enjoying a day sans rain

Thursday was an unusually hot and humid day without rain and people took the opportunity to spend it outside, many in Antigua …

Siesta Time

It’s your turn to write the caption. The most original caption will win this photo as a post card. Good luck!