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Day of the Dead in Guatemala

You are not dead until you are forgotten! As I have mentioned before, Guatemala’s real culture is syncretism and thus death plays …


Flowers for the dead

You’re not dead until you’re forgotten I read somewhere or maybe I heard it. If it is a quote, can you tell …


Guatemala’s Fiambre

There’s no way to go by Día de Todos Los Santos (All Saints’ Day) and Día de los Fieles Difuntos (All Souls’ …


Guatemalan Cuisine: Fiambre

How can we go by Dí­a de todos los santos (All Saints’ Day) and Dí­a de los fieles difuntos (All Souls’ Day) …


Reuniting the Living with the Dead

Ignacio Ochoa has published a recent article about the history of kite making in Santiago Sacatepéquez under the name of Messenges in …