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Wood Carving Artisan’s Bench

Today we see the work another wood artist, a wood carving artisan from Antigua Guatemala. Still surprises me how open and friendly …

Concrete Bench

Do all local governments tag or label every public work they execute? I ask because this is something I never noticed before …

Portrait of the Ambulant Coffee Vendors

Portrait of the Ambulant Coffee Vendors

These ambulant coffee vendors will bring a delicious cup of cappuccino, mocaccino or black coffee to your favorite bench at Parque de La Union, La Merced or Parque Central. Three choices with or without sugar; that is it. Make sure to patronize these ingenious ambulant vendors on your next visit to Antigua Guatemala… TAP to see the full size photo and post.

Fuente de Las Sirenas at Twilight by Rudy Giron

Fuente de Las Sirenas at Twilight

At the end of a recent afternoon photo walk I ended by the parque central and while sitting down to reply back to pending messages and emails, the light were turned on and the already nice ambience at the main square became beautiful. I made this shot of one of the mermaids from Fuente de las Sirenas from my mobile office, I mean the bench I was sitting at. Enjoy!

© Conversations at Parque Central by Rudy Giron

Conversations at Parque Central

A group of friends get together to ‘chat’ with one another on a bench of Parque Central, La Antigua Guatemala. That’s modernity …

Shoe-shine Kids vs The Visitors

Here’s your Guatemalan-Spanish word of the day: Chamusca, an informal football match. All you need is a few friends or visitors, a …

I wish you were here, honest!

Oh there’s nothing like Sunday morning stroll around San Juan del Obispo. The plaza right in front of the parish is such …

Enjoying a day sans rain by Rudy Girón

Enjoying a day sans rain

Thursday was an unusually hot and humid day without rain and people took the opportunity to spend it outside, many in Antigua …