The Aesthetics of Mayan Beauty

Mayan sculpture replica

Almost one year ago, I found a quiet and tranquil place to ponder the tough questions:

What is art and what is handicraft?

Am I the oppressor, the oppressed or both?

Why is Cubism not folk-art?

Does a painting become a handicraft if it is exhibited in restaurant and does a handicraft become art if it is exhibited in a museum?

When will sompopos de mayo arrive?

As the rainy season approaches (it rained yesterday in San Pedro Las Huertas, but not in La Antigua Guatemala), I begin to drown in thoughts. Here I go again pondering the big tough questions:

What is beuty and can we universally measure it?

What are the aesthetics of beauty?

Is beauty eternal or is beauty trapped in time?

Is art beautiful; does it have to be beautiful?

What makes Mayan art beautiful or not beautiful?

Please, help me find the answers for these questions. I need to know!

Antique Mayan Sculpture Replica

P.S. Today we begin the count down for the third anniversary of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo to be observed on May 1st, 2009.

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