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The Handmade Economy — Textiles

In a world where automation and factory automated assembly lines are the goals, Guatemala still prides and encourages the handmade economy. Even …


Guatemalan Culture and History Through Textiles

The Maya were among the most prominent story tellers. The Maya ‘wrote’ just about everything. I am sure that if the ancient Maya scribblers had access to Twitter and Facebook, they would have had busy timelimes; heck they would have used aggregators to fill their lifestream with every imaginable media.

Guatemalan Textiles at La Fuente

On the weekends the center garden around the fountain in La Fuente strip mall and restaurant is carpeted by Guatemalan textiles on …

Selling Guatemalan textiles

Guatemalan textiles, originally uploaded by rudygiron. If you come to Antigua and decide to take a stroll you will be approached by …

© Mayan Foot Loom by Rudy Giron

Mayan Foot Loom

The Casa Museo del Tejido Antiguo also has on display several antique and manual looms, such as the hand loom, the back …

© Museo Casa del Tejido Antiguo by Rudy Giron

Museo Casa del Tejido Antiguo

If you would like to learn more about the Mayan weaving of Guatemala, make sure you visit Museo Casa del Tejido Antiguo …


McCafé Decorations

I don’t know if McCafés exist in other parts of the world or if they are a Guatemalan invention. Please, illuminate me. …

Guatemalan Chicken Bus Kitsch by Rudy Girón

Guatemalan Chicken Bus Kitsch

I am truly convinced that Guatemalans can not do anything in a mild, neutral, gray manner. Guatemala is a country of extremes …


Colorful Guatemalan Purse

Rich colors, patterns and textures are what one gets when buying a piece of Guatemalan textiles. A good example of this statement …

Colors under the rain by Arturo Godoy

Independence Day?

Guatemala has many traditions that have remained until now and will hopefully remain for centuries to come. One, as you already know …


Vibrant Guatemalan Women

As a graphic designer I can never ceased to be amazed by the intricate brightly colored textiles worn by the Maya people …


Colorful Fiambre Chapín

Guatemala is such a colorful country; everything from flora to textiles, from architecture to food is saturated with the richest rainbow. If …


Theme Day: Contrast

As every first of the month, AntiguaDailyPhoto is joining City Daily Photo community in the orchestrated global effort to show you “contrast” …


Three Generations

Resistance through culture; culture through textiles; textiles as heritage; heritage as identity; identity as resistance. What do you think?