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Adobe Façade of Old House

It’s incredible to still find old house in Antigua Guatemala that were built with adobe blocks. I have thought most of these …


Courtyard at El Jaulón

I feel like doing a series on just courtyards. Imagine, having ten or twelve photos of the most popular courtyards in Antigua …


Real Guatemala: Los albañiles

Of course, we can not leave out the albañiles, construction workers, from a series about the Real Guatemala. I don’t know if …

The Caretaker House and Family by Rudy Girón

The Caretaker House and Family

Many farms, parcels and properties have a caretaker living on premises, this is what a house for guardian living on the premises …

The aesthetics of abandonment by Rudy Girón

The aesthetic of abandonment

If there ever it was a place where abandonment looks good that would be La Antigua Guatemala, which by the way is …



Now this is what the dry season looks like in Antigua Guatemala; sunshine, deep blue skies, beautiful light, cold winds and almost …