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The Piano Man

As promised nearly ten years ago, I share with you the stuff I see, the stuff I come across. Today I bring …

The Shoe-shine Transaction © Rudy Giron

The Shoe-shine Transaction

Here’s one of my tips from the street photography walks: Anticipate your photos. In other words, visualize your picture before it becomes …

I am Guatemala

Simple and direct. I think this will be my title for my new series about Guatemalans. What do you think?

My shadow and I

My shadow and I is all I need to have fun while doing errands! Oh don’t you wish the times were simpler …

Real Guatemala: Los novios

Even though you can not fully see the girlfriend, believe me she’s there, she just pulled her upper body to be in …

Alone and Lonely by Rudy Giron

Alone and Lonely

Alone and lonely are two things that first came to my mind when I took this photo and especially so after I …