Guatemalan Cuisine: Amarillo

Guatemalan Cuisine: Amarillo

This Guatemalan stew takes its name from its yellow-orangy color. Amarillo is the Spanish word for yellow; those living in Texas probably know this. Once again you see the patter, a stew based on tomato sauce and other vegetable from the milpa. This amarillo stew had green beans, carrots, bell peppers slices, potatoes and a piece of beef, quite possibly from the hips.

As I mentioned yesterday, many of the Guatemalan dishes I have presented in the Food & Drinks category have been photographed from meals from the daily menu. Menú del dí­a is the term used in Guatemala to describe the meals available at affordable prices from comedores (eateries), fondas and restaurantes (restaurants). Daily menus are usually available from Q15 to Q25 and directed towards the working class who can not afford to eat at McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, or Quesos y Vino everyday or even once a week. That’s right, fast food restaurant are way too expensive in Guatemala to be part of the daily diet.

Luckily for you, I belong to the working class and therefore I’ve been able to photograph many dishes of the Guatemalan traditional cuisine served to me as part of menú del dí­a. 😉

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