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Central Park Water Fountain

Oftentimes we do things driven by the unconscious mind and that’s why is very difficult to have the coherent answers for them. …

Photo Exhibit At Central Park

“Agua, Ríos y Pueblos” is the title of the photographic exhibit on display at Parque Central right now. The “Water, Rivers and …

Jacaranda Tree at Central Park

There are several jacaranda trees in Parque Central which make a gorgeous display of purple or violet during February and March when …

Take Me To Central Park

Everybody loves the dry season in Guatemala. Even the patients of Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro Hospital can spend more time at …

Jacarandas at Central Park

I don’t know how it happened, but I had lost this vista of the Jacaranda trees in bloom at La Antigua Guatemala’s …

Women’s Meeting in Central Park

A group of women met at Parque Central to discuss how expensive all the útiles escolares (school supplies) are for this coming school year and to pass tips on where to get the best prices. Just like Black Wizard says, school supplies should also be free.

La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park Dressed for Christmas

Okay, I promise this is the last shot of La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park at night for a while. I just thought I needed to show all the angles and besides and I also wanted to show what is possible when you are walking around and the lighting conditions don’t allow for photographs to be taken without a tripod. See, thanks to the mini tripod LAGDP received from Santa Claus, a tripod is always present for those photo opts that do require a little more than a steady hand (and boy, because of all the coffee drinking I do, a steady hand is one thing I lost long time agoooooo).

Santa Claus Pays a Visit to La Antigua’s Central Park

Well, what do you know, even Santa Claus pays a visit to the illuminated Central Park. LAGDP’s Santa Claus lives in Motley, Minnesota and she paid a visit earlier in December as a response to the entry where I requested support for this web site through the Amazon Wish List that I maintain for La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. Carolyn was kind enough to wear a red fluffy dress and bring the following presents: a mini tripod, a book on Wordpress and a set of rechargeable batteries and charger.