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Quotidian Corner Life

You don’t have to give your soul to the Devil as as Robert Johnson did at the crossroads to enjoy the quotidian …

Yellow Arch Corner

If I had a penny for each yellow arch in La Antigua Guatemala! Well, if Arturo can experiment with contrasts in black …

Corner Búcaro Fountain

According to Foursquare, I hold more mayorships than anyone in La Antigua Guatemala, including the current elected Mayor, Dr. Vivar. ;-) So, …

Squeezing A Corner

Today’s photo and Colonial Church Ruins Within My Fingers were the result of fortunate accident. Let me explain. I was playing around …

Photographing Antigua Corners

It looks like I am not the only one who enjoys photographing corners. Here I captured a fellow photographer who was photographing …

Corner at Calle del Arco

Oh how I wish I could capture in images the feelings, the energy and the tranquil atmosphere one gets while strolling around …

Corner Detail of Spanish-tile Roof and Street Lamp

I will let you in a little secret: I was caught taking the photo of the watchers (the guard and the photographer) so I pretended I was not taking their photo, but rather they were actual visual noise on my attempt to capture the street lamp, the stop sign and the roof detail. It worked, they continued their voyeuristic activities and so did I. Boy oh boy, the things I do for you guys!

Alto, watch this corner…

Anyhow, I really like the rhythm of the image above. I like all the different actions of the people, almost totally unaware of the camera. Honestly, I am very happy with this particular photograph. I feel it captures, very well, the essence of an usual street scene in La Antigua Guatemala. For those of you who visited this colonial town, what is your opinion?

Joyerí­a del Ángel Corner in La Antigua Guatemala

Obviously what they sell there has not influenced my appreciation for this wonderful light-blue, celeste in Guatemalan Spanish, corner. I simply liked the light hitting the building and the tourist walking by that afternoon. Also, I like the geometry of the white stripes, the Joyerí­a del Ángel sign and the lamp. You will have to excuse the white sky in many of the photos taken during the rainy season; not much I can do.

Every Corner is Different

If I walk around Antigua Guatemala and photograph all the street corners, I could do a series for a long while just …

Antigua window corner

La Antigua Guatemala has many window corners like this one, a window that opens to the view of both streets. Also, another …

PHOTO STOCK: Yellow Corner House of Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Colors of the Dry Season

One of the constant color of the dry season in Antigua Guatemala is the sky blue. If you pair the sky blue with the rich tones of the yellow and orange houses and buildings found everywhere in Antigua Guatemala you get a picture like the one shown above. Enjoy!

PHOTO STOCK: Arch of Santa Catalina in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Life Goes On in Antigua Guatemala

I have been contacted by quite a few people with interesting in traveling to Guatemala in the coming months and wanted to know how is life in Antigua Guatemala, how are we coping with the pandemic. This is what I told them… KEEP READING.