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The Remains of Lent

Many purple and violet banners are still hanging from doorways and windows around town. It feels like many don’t want to let …

Signs: Only in Guatemala

No Food, No Cameras, No Guns, No Backpackers and No Private Guards inside, the sign reads. Only in Guatemala you can find this kind of signs (I think). Guns are a big trouble, you know; people do crazy things with them and not only in Guatemala; naked guns are worn in the belts like cellphones or keychains; even banks and offices have an unusual piece of furniture to deposit customers’ guns at the entrance. Certainly Guatemala is not the only gun-crazy country in the world, nevertheless, it sad to see signs like the one above, captured at Angelina’s Doorway.

My condolences to the families and friends of the students who lost their lives yesterday in Illinois. ­čÖü

Valentine’s Day in La Antigua Guatemala

Valentine’s Day in Guatemala is known as El D├ş┬şa del Cari├▒o. Cari├▒o and caress share the same etymology and it means affection. The Day of Affection would be a close translation for El D├ş┬şa del Cari├▒o, thus it is much more than Valentine’s Day because it is the day to show your affection, love and appreciation to your co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, and of course, your girlfriend or girlfriend; whatever the case may be.

The Library Tour: the reception desk

We will begin a mini tour of the library at the Compa├▒├ş┬şa de Jes├║s building under the care of Cooperaci├│n Espa├▒ola NGO or Agencia Espa├▒ola de Cooperaci├│n Internacional as it is called in Spanish.

But first the disclosure: I love libraries; even chicken bus libraries! ­čśë

Cafe Micho’s at El Jaul├│n Building

From the tables of Cafe Micho’s, right across yesterday’s fountain, in the corridor facing south of the Jaul├│n Building, you can meet with friends and family for coffee or beers, or simply enjoy a sandwich from one the best bistros in town. The tables all face to the central patio, with the fountain slightly off-center. You can enter this beautifully restored building from the east and south entrances; from the south entrance you enter the Jaul├│n building through and arched d

Transnational: Eat fresh

I think this Subway franchise will have to use its second slogan: The Way A Sandwich Should Be because the Eat fresh may not work in a place like Antigua Guatemala, where most places serve REAL fresh food. With all of these transnational fast-food restaurants in La Antigua Guatemala, we still have to make a run for the border or drive to Guatemala City if we’d like to think outside the bun while enjoying a bean and cheese burrito.

Framed Head in Compa├▒├ş┬şa de Jes├║s

Back to the Compa├▒├ş┬şa de Jes├║s building to see the photo exhibit Punto de fuga by some of my favorite photo journalists: Sandra Sebasti├ín, Mois├ęs Castillo and Andrea Arag├│n. Since I had promised to come back to this magnificent example of antig├╝e├▒o architecture and show it to you, I took a few more shots. This window frame is the first of this mini-series or the continuation of the Compa├▒├ş┬şa de Jes├║s building series. Either way, let me know what you think of it. Boy, La Antigua Guatemala is so full of these wonderful vistas.

Old and Rusted Metal Wheels

In La Antigua Guatemala you’ll never know what can you find in a driveway or doorway as you walk by. Here I found these two old metal wheels which probably belonged to an old horse-carriage… really who knows, but here they are. Can you guys suggest what these wheels were used for in the past?

Chicalote’s Flower and Seed Cocoon

Further in the background, you see the leaves of one of Guatemala’s most edible weeds: Quilete (also known as yerba mora and macuy). Yerba Mora is the weed in the background with the tiny yellow flowers. Guatemalans’ diet include many weeds and herbs. I will list them here as a sort of to do list and to see if other Guatemalans can help with translating some of the names. Guatemala’s most edible weed goes by the name of Chipil├ş┬şn and it used in so many dishes like chuchitos, mixed with rice, with chicken in a creamy white sauce. Other weeds, that I remember right now, are Bledo (young green amaranth), Berro, Acelgas (chard), Espinacas (spinach), Loroco, Flor de Izote, Flor de ayote. I am sure this is only a fraction of the list… can you point out other weeds and herbs a I left out.

Theme Day: The Color Red

Once again, La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo is participating in the theme day of the Daily Photo community. This time the theme is about the color red. Here you can see the Compa├▒├ş┬şa de Jus├║s building under care of the Cooperaci├│n Espa├▒ola which is huge red building; one full block to be specific. This building has had many uses through history, like the home of Bernal D├ş┬şaz del Castillo, home to the Jesuits of Central America in colonial times, thus its name, and more recently it houses a public library, culture center under the administration of Agencia Espa├▒ola de Cooperaci├│n Internacional. You can see the big entrance of the building, the interior gardens and arches and one the side wall of the ruins. I decided to photograph this building because it’s the biggest red thing in La Antigua Guatemala, but I was lucky to have a red motorcycle and a red jeep enter the viewfinder at the moment I snapped the shot; how lucky, indeed.

Let Me Show You My Guts

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Maize Cane Fence

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Even the Windows Wear Violet

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Framed Bicycle

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Pick your color #4

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Iglesia de la Merced Dome

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Guatemalan dolls

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Stairway to heaven

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Who waters all those plants?

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The Arab vein runs deep

You may ask yourself, what are those Arab style doors doing in a Spanish colonial town in Central America? Well, if you blow the dust away from History 101 books or read the Wikipedia entry on Spain, you may recall that all the Iberian peninsula, was under Muslin (Moors) control since 718 CE.

Maid and door in Antigua

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Contemplating the heavy rain

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Knocking on heaven’s door

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Guatemala sells light and color

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