X-ray of a Guatemalan House

Xray of a Guatemalan house

This is the shot of a Guatemalan house at the very early stages of construction. I know this is not what you guys were hoping for, but it is a start. I promise I will do the interior of a House Antigüeña soon… No! you don’t have to wait until this house is completely built, just let find the victim, oops, I mean a nice house to photograph.

The construction worker is known as Albañil, roughly translates as mason or bricklayer (thanks to La Gringa and her blogcito). They build “walls,” doorways, window frames, and antique-looking houses too. I take my hat off to them!

In Mesoamerica, albañiles celebrate their day on May 3rd, also known as El Dí­a de la Santa Cruz, or The Day of the Holy Cross. Normally, they post a cross somewhere in the construction site and have a Catholic Father or Priest pour some holy water and say some prayers. After that, it is party time, well, most of the time.

I do not know the whole story and the tradition, can somebody else fill in the missing details?

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