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Early Morning at Calle del Arco

Early Morning at Calle del Arco

The best time to take photos of Calle del Arco without pedestrians and traffic is early in the morning, around 7am. That’s …

PHOTO STOCK: Portrait of a Selfie — The Bride and Groom

Another Portrait of a Selfie at Calle del Arco

Years ago, perhaps as long as a decade, I began making portraits of selfies. Believe it or not, this is not the first time I captured a bride and groom doing a selfie. Take a photographic tour through the many portraits of selfies found in the archives of Enjoy!

Calle del Arco May Turn Into a Pedestrian Passageway

Calle del Arco is Turning Into a Pedestrian Pathway

Yesterday I noticed how the municipal transit police closed completely the one block where the Arco de Santa Catalina is located. Honestly, they should have turned the entire strip of 5a avenida, from Parque Central to Iglesia de La Merced, into a pedestrian pathway, don’t your agree?

Christmas Lights Decorations at Calle del Arco

Christmas Lights Decorations at Calle del Arco

The last week of November municipal employees were busy installing the Christmas light decorations through out the city. The angel wings illuminate Calle del Arco from Parque Central to Iglesia de La Merced… TAP to see the full size photo and post.


Morning Vista of Calle del Arco

With nearly 14 years of posting daily updates from Antigua Guatemala and with nearly 7 years of teaching others how to better …

Balcony on Calle del Arco by Rudy Giron

Balcony on Calle del Arco

This is one of my favorite balconies in Antigua Guatemala and believe it or not, you can find at Calle del Arco. …

Weekend Vistas At Calle del Arco

On the weekends and holidays, Calle del Arco is turned into a pedestrian path. Honest, I don’t understand why they don’t make …

Ugly Wires on Calle del Arco

I am with MO with regards to how electric wires become visual pollution, especially in colonial Antigua Guatemala. However, I have tried …

Shoe-shining at Calle del Arco

Shoe-shinning is quite inexpensive in La Antigua Guatemala, about Q2/US$0.25 so there is no reason not to have one’s shoes shinning and …

Corner at Calle del Arco

Oh how I wish I could capture in images the feelings, the energy and the tranquil atmosphere one gets while strolling around …

Guard at Calle del Arco

Even though Guatemala’s Independence is celebrated on September 15th and the days prior to that date, in reality Guatemala’s independence is observe …

Weekend Scene at Calle del Arco

The two blocks from the 5a avenida norte (5th North Avenue) that separate El Parque Central (Main Plaza) and the La Iglesia de La Merced (church) are known as the Calle del Arco (the Arch Street) and the weekends this strip becomes a pedestrian’s throughway. In my humble opinion, the whole city should turn the streets in pedestrian only walkways before it’s too late.

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala

Since we are talking about the Gigantes, which are used in Dances of the Giants or Baile de los Gigantes, through this link you will find the agenda of activities for The End of the Year Festival at Calle del Arco. Enjoy!

Visual Duel in Antigua Guatemala © Rudy Giron

-6 Days to 9th Anniversary: The Visual Duel

The painter vs the photographer in a duel on Calle del Arco, Antigua Guatemala. Each one with the visual tool of choice. These are quotidian vistas one can find in Antigua Guatemala on a typical weekend…

La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo’s Top 12 of 2007

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in La Antigua Guatemala:
For starters there are many things that make New Year’s Eve similar and different than Christmas’ Eve. If Christmas’ Eve is celebrated with the family at home at your parents’ home; New Year’s Eve can be celebrated anywhere: a discotheque, a park, the beach or La Calle del Arco, a popular venue in La Antigua Guatemala

Guatemalan Kitchen Colors

These are some of the most often used ingredients in the Guatemalan kitchen. This photo was taken on Calle del Arco in front of La Fonda de la Calle Real at a booth that the restaurant put out to showcase their flavors and the ingredients they use in their kitchen. You can take this photo to your local Latin market and start cooking some of the recipes found in this site under the Food and Drinks category. Bon Appetite!

PHOTO STOCK: Sunshine at Calle del Arco by RUDY GIRON

Fall is Here, Winter is Coming!

As I mention every year at the beginning of the Fall season: you better start making your way towards Antigua Guatemala to enjoy the Fall and Winter light and colors and our temperate weather. Don’t get caught in the long, cold, harsh Winter…

Macondo is in Antigua Guatemala

Macondo is in Antigua Guatemala

If you don’t know what Macondo is, follow the white rabbit into the rabbit hole of magic realism… TAP to see the full size photo and post.

Processional Carpets in 2021

As I explained earlier, because of the pandemic, processions and all massive events had been canceled. However, some of the activities were …

First Antigua Estelar Festival

First Antigua Estelar Festival

As part of the First Antigua Estelar Festival we were treated to a night of music recital, theater, plays, astrology talks, body …

Motorcycles to show off

Of course, motorcycles are bought to show off and to create experiences. Guatemalans are no strangers to big, expensive bikes and often …

Weekends in Antigua Guatemala

There’s so much to see and enjoy during the weekends in La Antigua Guatemala in December. From recitals, to processions, to posada …

title="© wine shop in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron"

24 Frames of Film: Wine anyone?

If you have followed the daily updates from AntiguaDailyPhoto for a while, you will know that I like this photographic aspects of …