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Maya girls baby-sitting

Children baby-sitting children, especially true with the Maya. That’s how it is. Someone how to baby-sit Fernando while the parent are working …

© The Colours and Smiles from Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

The Colours and Smiles from Antigua Guatemala

Here’s another typical stamp of daily life from Guatemala. I hope you like it and find the words in your heart to caption it. I will send a real photo post card to the best caption for this photograph via the traditional postal service.

Boyhood in Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Boyhood in Guatemala

We recently watched the film Boyhood, one of the film with more nominations and awards and a good contender for the Oscars. …

Shoe-shine Kids vs The Visitors

Here’s your Guatemalan-Spanish word of the day: Chamusca, an informal football match. All you need is a few friends or visitors, a …

Los Patojos Need Your Help

Contact Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes or Gary Jepson to learn how you can help Los Patojos. In the meantime, read about what …