What are they looking at?

What are they looking at?

Guatemalan author Miguel Ángel Asturias, Nobel Prize in literature, wrote a book called Week-end en Guatemala (that is the title in Spanish). I have enjoyed the reading of this novel and its “novel structure” where there are series of stories that are happening all at the same time and they all have the weekend as the meeting point. The best way, I can think of, to describe the structure of this book is that we have several stories on outer circle and they all move at the same time towards an inner circle called the weekend. I recommend this book very highly.

La Antigua Guatemala is such meeting place for the weekends. People from all walks of life come to Antigua on the weekends and the meetings that take place are short stories. The picture above catches the moment of woman, a tourist, and a child from Guatemala City and walking backwards meet at my viewfinder. The both are staring with awe at something that is happening on the Central Park.

What are they looking at? Surely you want to know. Well, come back tomorrow for the answer. Have a nice day!

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