Children’s Procession in La Antigua Guatemala

Children Procession

Back on Ash Wednesday, February 21st, 2007, I said that in the Catholic Realm the Holy Week celebration had begun with Ash Wednesday. Around Antigua, this means the commencement of all kinds of religious rituals like processions. Above you see a children’s procession caught by my viewfinder on Saturday 17th.

For many people not used to processions, the whole ‘process’ might be unknown and even foreign, so I decided to take a little walk against the grain of a procession in La Antigua Guatemala so you get a feel for it. Obviously I can only do this with a small procession like the one above or below depends what you are watching because I would not venture do the same with one mega-procession from the Holy Week.

By the way, La Antigua Guatemala is world-famous for its Holy Week Celebrations; in fact, many people only visit Antigua Guatemala for this period. I normally stay away because this town gets REALLY overcrowded, but this time around I will take shots of as many processions as possible for your benefit. I will also research better all the rituals around the Holy Week so you and I can learn a bit about this colorful aspect of life in La Antigua Guatemala.

For now enjoy the little video-clip below!

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