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City Hall arches 2003-2004

Another shot of the arches in the City Hall (Municipalidad) building. As you can see this was photographed near the end of …

New Closing Time City Ordinances

There is new seismic activity in La Antigua Guatemala’s grapevine. For a while now, I’ve been hearing rumors about new closing times …

Vecino Antigüeño and Visitante Frecuente Parking Stickers

Starting around the second or third week of January, the Municipalidad de La Antigua Guatemala, city hall government, begins extending the “Vecino Antigüeño” [Antiguan Neighbor] and “Visitante Frecuente” [frequent visitor] windshield stickers.

Cups of Light

Exactly one week ago, these cups were fill with light first, then happiness and finally with wine. These cups were used in the inauguration of the new Mayor of La Antigua Guatemala, Dr. Adolfo Vivar of Unión de Nacional de la Esperanza (UNE), and to wave goodbye forever and ever and never again to the former ‘mayor’ Antonio Siliezar; one the worst episodes in La Antigua Guatemala’s City Hall.

Wanted: New Mayor for La Antigua Guatemala

Calzada Santa Lucí­a gets overcrowded with all the stands of the 11 candidates for the La Antigua Guatemala City Hall or Muni as we call it here. They all have their booths, their chants and songs, their promises, their colors, their flyers, their visual and hearing pollution, their trash, et-cetera.


Antigua Declares: #YaBasta

Antigüeños held a smaller symbolic manifestation in front of the Palacio del Ayuntamiento, better known as La Municipalidad, City Hall, to coincide …