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Old Couple Having Ice Cream at Parque Central

Sights of Antigua: Old Couple Having Ice Cream at Parque Central

In summary, chances are that if you travel to Guatemala now, you might be safer here than at your own city simply because most Guatemalans are following all the health protocols that keep the pandemic at bay. Furthermore, Guatemala began its booster shot campaign the first week of 2022… TAP to see the full post.

Coupled Up

For as long as there’s love, couples will feel the desire to record their names, interlocked, as proof that at one point …

Cuddling Couple at the Cross

I wonder if the lookout point has been dubbed “make-out point.” This couple is certainly enjoying the ambience of the hilltop vista. Can’t say I blame them…

Cell Phone Pics: The couple

The cellular telephone industry is one of the fastest growing industries and they just broke a new record for Latin America: 10 million 150 thousand users or the equivalent of 75% of the population has now an “active cellphone”. The key word here is: Active. This makes Guatemala one of the most connected countries in Latin America. (Source: Guatemala bate récord de usuarios de telefoní­a móvil at elPeriódico {ES}).

PHOTO STOCK: Street Portrait of Maya Textile Vendor at Parque Central in Antigua Guatemala

Street Portrait of Maya Textile Vendor — Take 1

Today I share with you the vibrant colors and timid smile of this Maya ambulant street vendor made a few steps away from Fuente de Las Sirenas at Parque Central… TAP to see the full size photo and complete post.

PHOTO STOCK: Happy Bicentennial of Guatemala's Independence

Happy Bicentennial of Guatemala’s Independence

Today Guatemala and the other Central American countries commemorate the bicentennial of the independence. As part of the no-crowds celebrations, the Banco de Guatemala put in circulation a Commemorative Bicentennial Twenty Quetzals bill… TAP to see the full size photos of the new Q20 bill and to read the complete post.

Newly-engaged Couple in front of a white VW

Together We Can Do It!

I captured this newly-engaged couple posing in front of a pearl white VW beetle in front of white house in Antigua Guatemala. …

Free Portrait Prints Always Bring Out Smiles BY RUDY GIRON

Free Portrait Prints Always Bring Out Smiles

As I have said recently, one of the most satisfying things I have been doing for a couple of years now is giving away free instantaneous prints of the portraits I make of total strangers on the streets while leading the Antigua Photo Walks… tap for full image!

Lifestyle photo shoots in Antigua Guatemala with photographer Rudy Giron

Lifestyle Photo Shoots in Antigua Guatemala

I also offer lifestyle photo shoots Instagrammable spots in Antigua Guatemala. These lifestyle photo sessions are perfect for solo travelers and or couples. The photographs can be urban style, casual or formal, relaxed, fun, or classically posed in front of beautiful monuments and architecture…

Adopt a Guatemalan Puppy BY RUDY GIRON

Adopting a Guatemalan Puppy

Today I have a feel-good story to share with you. This puppy was rescued by an English woman, a friend, who lives …

Couple walks their dog Luna on the streets of Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Walks in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a city best enjoyed by strolling everywhere; thus people from all over the world can be found walking around …

I wish you were here!

It was merely two weeks ago that I offered these seats and table as a destination to enjoy the Winter season in …

Burning of the Devil Portraits

Burning of the Devil Portraits

El hombre propone, Dios dispone y El Diablo lo descompone. What better way to caption these portraits of strangers at the Burning …

© Antigua Photo Walks with photographer Rudy Giron

Antigua Photo Walks

I am happy to report that the Antigua Photo Walks are a total success. It’s been among the TripAdvisor’s TOP 3 activities …

© Guatemalan Food: Patín by Rudy Giron

Guatemalan Food: Patín

Patín is quite possibly the most popular food found around the villages in Lake Atitlán. Hardly ever we can find patín in …