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The rainy season has began

Today’s panoramic picture was taken from the second floor of Palacio del Ayuntamiento, better known now as la Muni; short for Municipalidad. …

Rainy season, huh?

Once again it seems like it’s going to be a very dry year in Antigua Guatemala. We still have September, hurricane season …

In Style for the Rainy Season by Rudy Giron -

In Style for the Rainy Season

Colorful rubber boots are in style in Antigua Guatemala. These stylish and fashionable boots can be found inside the mercado, market. Of …

Colorful Rainy Season Vista by Rudy Girón

Colorful Rainy Season Vista

Whoever claims that you can not find rich saturated colors during the rainy season in Antigua Guatemala is lying to you. Don’t …

Rainy Season Vista: Bandera

The commonly used expression, “Those who ignore history are bound (or doomed) to repeat it” is actually a mis-quotation of the original …

Rainy Season Vistas

I have decided that instead of complaining about the horrible light and photographic conditions of the rainy season I am going to …

Rainy Season Break

Eveyone needs a break every once in a while. Today will be my break. However, before I head for the beach, I …

Rainy Days

Don’t be fool by all recent posts; we’re in the middle of the rainy days. This photo shows the clouds moving in …

Rain in the Dry Season

Okay, I want answers, I want the truth! What are you people up north doing to sabotage our gorgeous, Spring-like, best-time-of-the-year Dry …

Entrance to Finca San Agustin Las Cañas

The Spring Season began a few days ago, so I’ve read somewhere {ñ}. Guatemala’s slogan is the Land of the Eternal Spring, yet in this country Spring has never showed up. As a matter of fact, Guatemala’s weather does not follow the ‘normal’ seasons. Instead, Guatemala has a dry and a wet seasons. The wet season begins in May and ends towards the last days of October; the remaining months are the dry season. So in about 40 days the rainy season will begin in Guatemala and the whole country will be wearing an intense verdurous foliage dress. If you ever decide to visit Guatemala, make sure you bring dark sunglasses because the adjective intense accompanies every shade of the color hue.

Public Water Distribution System

Central America and Guatemala especially have an abundance of water resources, many are groundwater. La Antigua Guatemala is located in a valley irrigated with over six months of a rainy season per year. La Antigua Guatemala is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes that collect even more water. Much of this collected rain ends up as groundwater.

Umbrella Time is Now Officially Over

Okay with this last photo of people carrying umbrellas we can now declare the rainy season of 2007 officially over. Okay everyone, you are welcome to the most beautiful weather in La Antigua Guatemala; come on over now!

Office Window View

Here is a little over-sharing, as Miss Jill would say. This is one of the views from our office window into the garden. Here we can see José, our green-thumb gardener waiting for the heavy rain to pass. By the way, rain is one of the most difficult things to photograph. Here I set shutter’s timing at two seconds, holding the camera over the window crate as a tripod, to try to capture the heavy down pour, yet I was only able to show silky lines. I’ve tried to do the same before in the entry Comtemplating the heavy rain with a little better success. We are about one to two weeks from the end of the rainy season.

Joyerí­a del Ángel Corner in La Antigua Guatemala

Obviously what they sell there has not influenced my appreciation for this wonderful light-blue, celeste in Guatemalan Spanish, corner. I simply liked the light hitting the building and the tourist walking by that afternoon. Also, I like the geometry of the white stripes, the Joyerí­a del Ángel sign and the lamp. You will have to excuse the white sky in many of the photos taken during the rainy season; not much I can do.

Get a PRINT of Antigua Guatemala's Volcanic Skyline

Antigua Guatemala’s Volcanic Skyline

If you would like to decorate your home or office with images of Fuego, Agua or Acatenango or give a special gift, get high quality prints from your favorite photographs found in my gallery of the colossal volcanoes! TAP to see all the volcano pictures.

Typical Vista of Volcano Fuego Erupting

Typical Vista of Volcano Fuego Erupting

Sometimes, only sometimes, especially during the rainy season, we forget briefly about the colossal volcano Fuego eruptions. However, the moment the cloudy …


Morning Vista of Calle del Arco

With nearly 14 years of posting daily updates from Antigua Guatemala and with nearly 7 years of teaching others how to better …

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Baroque architecture at sunset

Baroque architecture at sunset

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Celaje for cloudscape. We are fortunate in Antigua Guatemala that even during the rainy …

The Last Rains of 2016

This is it, we’re at the end of the rainy season. Soon the weather gods will give us the most beautiful light …

Guatemala Is On Fire

Guatemala is on fire! If you don’t know what’s going on, search the news about Guatemala. On the other hand, in La …