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Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Dog Days in Antigua Guatemala

7.1 earthquake in Antigua GuatemalaThe seventh day of the seventh month began at 5:23am with a strong tremor, a 7.1º magnitude earthquake near the Mexican-Guatemalan border that was felt all the way to El Salvador. Even though, this strong earthquake only a gave Antigua Guatemala and surrounding areas a big scare, it left casualties in Mexico and Guatemala.

Since going to bed after the big scare was out of the question, looking at the bright blue skies of the canícula, heat wave, that arrived on Monday was very next thing to do.

C’est la canicule!

¡Es la canícula!

It’s the dog days!

Call it what you want, but canícula even though elsewhere it is used for referring to a heatwave or the dog days, in Guatemala, or even in Central America perhaps, it’s used to mean an extended break in rainy season where we have dry days with lots heat, although the heat is not a requirement, but since we are in the Summer season, the heat is expected.

Now, please don’t get me started with Verano and Invierno since in Guatemala people use these terms in the wrong season. For instance, almost everyone in Guatemala will tell you that we’re in Winter (Invierno) right now, even though we are actually in the Summer season since Guatemala happens to be located in the Northern hemisphere. The reason for the confusion is that people equate the rainy season with Winter.

Anyhow, the canícula brought a low temperature of 15°C/59°F in the early morning and 28°C/82°F at mid day with clear skies most of the day so one can see the continuous eruptions of Fuego volcano.

Last but not least was the arrival of Julie of and her family. We had a fun and interesting photo walk through the streets of Antigua Guatemala.

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