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Guacamaya’s Bright Colours

Tomorrow, August 1, the theme day for the City Daily Photo community will be Bright colours. I figured I get a head …

The Young Maya and Technology

On January 4, 2010, in the comments posted under Digital life in Antigua Guatemala, Braaad wondered aloud: “I can’t wait till smartphones …

The Modern Maya

The Maya represent a culture that demonstrates how tradition and technology can thrive together. This Maya woman, dressed in the traditional Mayan …

Mayan Women with Poise

I can’t count the number of times my mother chastised me for slouching throughout my childhood. A few times she even succeeded in convincing me to practice walking with a book on my head so that I might “improve my posture.”

Mayan Child of Maturity

This little girl, who looks to be no more than five-years-old, is calmly sitting by herself watching the daily activity and buzz on the cobbled street before her.

Mayan Ceramic Pot

I am worry that with technology we are turning a personal history into ephemeral instants. See the early Maya wrote their history, …

Guatemalan Jade in Mayan Art

See everything is a matter of perspectives and that’s the whole truthiness and nothing but the truthiness (thanks Manolo for the new …

Lunch With a View

How was it, a room with a view or a lunch with a view? Well, here it was lunch with a panoramic …

PHOTO STOCK: Autochthonous Corn from Guatemala

Autochthonous Corn from Guatemala

In Guatemala; especially corn grown by the Maya people. We still appreciate the autochthonous corn which comes in white, yellow, red and black with its non-uniform kernels… TAP to see the full size photo and post.

Mayan Ambulant Vendor Selling Masks in La Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Adapt or Perish

Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative. — H. G. Wells (1866-1946) I have always admired the speed at …

Volcano Fuego eruptions at Sunset time BY RUDY GIRON

Fuego’s puffs at Sunset

Today I share with you some moderate eruptions from Volcán de Fuego right after sunset. Enjoy! I used to think that Volcán …


Walk This Way!

Write a creative caption for this photograph. The most creative caption will receive a post card.


Communion with the dead

Luis, a Maya man from Sumpango talks about all his dead family members and the importance of communion with the dead in …


Day of the Dead Preparations

Maya man touching up the crosses at his family mausoleum at the cemetery of Sumpango before Day of the Dead. Would you …

Smiling Mayan family from Santiago Zamora, San Antonio Aguascalientes BY RUDY GIRON

Guatemalans Make Me Happy

I really enjoy spotlighting the fact that Guatemalans are so eager to share smiles at every chance they get. So, take advantage of …

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala

Since we are talking about the Gigantes, which are used in Dances of the Giants or Baile de los Gigantes, through this link you will find the agenda of activities for The End of the Year Festival at Calle del Arco. Enjoy!

Guatemalan Christmas Syncretism BY RUDY GIRON

Guatemalan Christmas Syncretism

Gabriela Orozco García, 19 years old, puts the final touches on a figure of a Mayan-inspired Nativity scene. The Orozco García family from Antigua Guatemala are renown artisans who produce ceramic Nativity scenes with Mayan attires from all regions of Guatemala.

Chicken Bus Terminal in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Chicken Bus Terminal in Antigua Guatemala

This photograph and many of the images I have shared during the last ten days were made while leading a very intense and comprehensive one-on-ne street photography workshop. We shot inside the market, the bus terminal, the municipal cemetery, on the streets of Antigua Guatemala and the Mayan village of Santa María de Jesús. We shot in the morning, afternoon and at night. As part of this comprehensive workshop we also covered Lightroom workflow and editing and camera settings for different photo styles and best lenses for street photography and street portraits. If you would like to bring up the level your photography book a comprehensive and intensive photography workshop with me. I will be glad to share everything I know.

Mariachi Music for The Dead

It is quite common in Mesoamerica to bring live music to the graveyards to serenade the dead loved ones. That’s exactly why …

Hasta la vista amig@s!

This is the end of the daily updates of; it’s been 4,384 days since our first post on May 1st, 2006. …

Happy Guatemalan Mother’s Day

Here’s your illustrated Spanish words of the day: Madre for Mother and mamá for mom. We are old-fashioned in Antigua Guatemala and …

New Year, New Faces

Let there be plenty of quality time and light in your life this 2017. I send you my very best wishes for …

The Fast-food Invasion

What are some of the most noticeable changes I have witness in Antigua Guatemala over the past decade. Well, the saddest is …

What’s new in the world?

I am glad someone can still smile and find some hope in the news. Leave it to Guatemalan to always find ways …