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Textured Red Wall with a Window by Rudy Giron

Textured Red Wall with a Window

If you have followed the daily updates of AntiguaDailyPhoto for a while you would know that here we only served rich saturated …

Red Wall Lit

We finish our little mini night photography tour with this simple image of a red wall and sign illuminated by a lamp. …

PHOTO STOCK: Antigua Guatemala Wall Textures

Antigua Guatemala Wall Textures

This house is the newest textured wall found in Antigua Guatemala. As I have said before, because the high levels of humidity …

Antigua Gardens: Verdant Walls BY RUDY GIRON

Antigua Gardens: Verdant Walls

Verdurous walls covered with lush wall creepers or bougainvillea plants are quite common in the gardens of Antigua Guatemala. Take a photographic …

Antigua Guatemala Colors: Red

Did you guys know that there is an official color palette for Antigua Guatemala? The official color palette has 12 colors, I …

Fiambre Cold Cut Ingredients

This is what supermarkets look like around fiambre time. Some of these cold cuts are only available during fiambre season, which is …

Garden Wall at Sabe Rico

Here’s yet another photograph of a garden wall taken at Sabe Rico restaurant in Antigua Guatemala. As I have said in previous …

Rustic Brick Wall

In La Antigua Guatemala there is an appreciation for rustic walls. If you visit the post Let me show you my guts, …

The Jocotes de Corona Wallpaper

Here’s yet another gift for those Guatemalans living abroad, the jocotes de corona wallpaper that you can download from here at 1200×900 …

Doña Gavi Store Wallpaper 2

I could spend a good hour photographing all aspects of La Tienda de Doña Gavi and perhaps bring you a series… but …

Doña Gavi Store Wallpaper

In September 2007, I brought to you the façade and sign of La Tienda de Doña Gavi, remember? Today I bring to …

Old Wall with Electric Meter Desktop Wallpaper

Here is yet another textured old wall that can be used as wallpaper or desktop image in your computer. This image even includes the electric meter so you can keep a log of how much electricity you are using while in front of your computer. 😉

Remember that you can also browse the Wallpapers category for another 7 images of La Antigua Guatemala that can be used as wallpaper or desktop images for your desktop PC, Mac or Linux workstation. To download the images as wallpapers, all you need to do is click the photos in this site and you will be taken to a larger-size image (1600í—1200) that you can download. The rest depends on the operating system you use.

Theme Day: The Color Red

Once again, La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo is participating in the theme day of the Daily Photo community. This time the theme is about the color red. Here you can see the Compañí­a de Jusús building under care of the Cooperación Española which is huge red building; one full block to be specific. This building has had many uses through history, like the home of Bernal Dí­az del Castillo, home to the Jesuits of Central America in colonial times, thus its name, and more recently it houses a public library, culture center under the administration of Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional. You can see the big entrance of the building, the interior gardens and arches and one the side wall of the ruins. I decided to photograph this building because it’s the biggest red thing in La Antigua Guatemala, but I was lucky to have a red motorcycle and a red jeep enter the viewfinder at the moment I snapped the shot; how lucky, indeed.

Organic Textured Wall and Window with Three Heads Figures

A Typical Vista from Our Times

Antigua Guatemala is so photogenic that even under quarantine, lockdown and curfew still looks amazing, don’t you agree? Here’s one of favorite …

Corre Carlos Corre by Rudy Giron

Corre Carlos Corre

Here’s a follow up to Corre Carlos Corre published back in 2012. Once again, there’s a kid running, in this case with …

Antigua Guatemala Color Palette

The official color palette endorsed and enforced by the Consejo Nacional para la Protección de La Antigua Guatemala, CNPAG, the national protection …

Watching the World Go by…

If you are a fan of people watching you are hard-pressed to find a lovelier place than La Antigua Guatemala to enjoy …

Antigua Abstracted #3

One of Antigua’s many attractions is slowly discovering the piled and jumbled beauty of ruined buildings scattered throughout the old city. The romanticism and nostalgia of shattered architecture has always drawn traveler’s and tourists to places such as these- from the 19 Century grand tours taken by Europeans through Ancient Greece and Rome- to present day seekers of lost cities in the Guatemalan jungles.

Hooyab Fine Jewelry Sign

Today we resume the sign fetish series. How do you get this vigorous red color? First you find red wall looking west …

La Tienda de Doña Gavi Sign

We continue with “the sign fetish” and today’s turn is for La Tienda de Doña Gavi sign. Believe it or not, this tiny store is one of La Antigua Guatemala landmarks and it’s located on the street behind the Cathedral. Doña Gavi sells all kinds of organic stuff in this cozy shop including avocado ice cream. If you come to Antigua, you must visit this shop. If you don’t trust my recommendation, read the On the Road Travel recommendation below:

Alto – Stop Sign in La Antigua Guatemala

The flavor in life is found in the little details. The transit signs in La Antigua Guatemala are a very good example of that. You take something boring but necessary as a stop sign and turn it into a beautiful detail; which makes your walks around town a little more pleasant to the eyesight. The stop signs (alto in Spanish) in La Antigua Guatemala are made from red ceramic tiles and metal frames.

Texture through color

To follow up the texture in yesterday’s sign and to get you prepare for this coming week series about color, here is …

PHOTO STOCK: Garden Grown Red Poinsettias from Guatemala

Poinsettias Flowers: A Gift from Guatemala to the World

Poinsettias are autochthonous to Guatemala and Mesoamerica so they can be grown in gardens either by design or as wild intruders as well as in the fields as wild plants. In Guatemala poinsettias are known as Flor de Pascua,  or simply as…

PHOTO STOCK: Fisheye Vista of Iglesia de La Merced by RUDY GIRON

Fisheye Vista of Iglesia de La Merced

Today I am happy to share with you the dramatic fisheye vista of the inside of Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de La Merced, or simply known as La Merced church… TAP to see the full size photograph and post.

Fuchsia Bougainvillea close-up

Guateflora: Fuchsia Bougainvillea

Here’s a close-up look at vibrant fuchsia bracts of the bougainvillea climber plant; definitely the most popular flower plant found in the …

Super Blood Wolf Moon over Los Remedios Ruins in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Super Blood Wolf Moon over Los Remedios Ruins in Antigua Guatemala

This Sunday night, January 20th, we had the chance to see a Super Blood Wolf Moon and a Lunar Eclipse on the Western hemisphere. The actual lunar eclipse happened after 10:0pm. We were not lucky in Antigua Guatemala since all afternoon and night the sky was filled with clouds.

At a break in the clouds I was fortunate to be able to capture the Super Blood Wolf Moon over the ruins of the former Parroquia de Los Remedios, at the start of Alameda El Calvario.

Textures of Antigua Guatemala — reds, yellows and blues BY RUDY GIRON

Textures of Antigua Guatemala — Take 7

Limestone-based paints are the recommended paints to use on the exterior walls of Antigua Guatemala by the Consejo Nacional Para La Protección de La Antigua Guatemala, CNPAG, the Protection Agency…

Textures of Antigua Guatemala — Red and Yellow BY RUDY GIRON

Textures of Antigua Guatemala — Take 2

We continue the mini series of Antigua Guatemala textures with this red and yellow wall textures; two of the most popular colors in town. I will turn them into calendars and high quality decoration prints. Let me know if you’re interested. Cheers!