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Boys Procession in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Boys Procession in Antigua Guatemala

Lent processions are for everyone, men, women, boys and girls. Some processions have floats for everybody, but other times the processional floats …


Let Lent Season Begin

Here’s you Spanish word of the day: Cuaresma or Lent. Once again, from the early morning reports started to pour in, around …


Lent season decorations

It’s impossible to miss the Lent, Cuaresma we call it in Spanish, in Antigua Guatemala as you encounter decorations, shrines, carpets, vigils …

Antigua Holy Week Carpets by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

Antigua Holy Week Carpets

The processional carpets are among the most creative and colorful elements of the Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala. As I’ve mentioned …

Cuaresma 2011 Procesión de Santa Ana by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

Antigua Lent Processions: Santa Ana

We continue our series Antigua Lent Processions thanks to the wonderful imagery of our friend and collaborator Leonel [Nelo] Mijangos who has …


Cucurucho Tsunami

I confess that you have to click on the image above to understand the title. I confess I have never in my …