Hotel Aurora garden

Hotel Aurora garden

Once the Antigua became a popular tourist destination, many old houses were converted into hotels. Hotel Aurora is the opposite corner to yesterday’s photo. You can still see the same tree breaking the skyline.

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  • It’s nice to see central america getting some representation. Now all I have to do is convince one of my Costa Rican cousins to start a Costa Rican Daily Photo.

  • Natalie, now that you mention it, I was trying to have a RegionalDailyPhotos on my sidebar, but I did find anybody that was doing it from Mexico to Panama. Go figured!

    Anyhow, thanks for visiting and I hope that more DailyPhotoBlogs will include me in ther sidebar so more people will know that in Central America there is only lonely DailyPhotoBlogger, at least for now.

  • Kim

    I just wanted to let u know that i really enjou looking at your site. I am currently doing a project for school on Antigua and your sight is very resourceful, not to mention interseting! Thanks

  • Raquel Bournhonesque

    I can not find an email address for this hotel, or phone number. How can I book there?

  • Chantal

    Raquel, the website for the hotel is, you can book directly through their website 🙂