Fountain of Palacio de Doña Leonor

Fountain of Palacio de Doña Leonor

Spanish colonial architecture was based on a central patio with fountain (most of the time) surrounded by rooms. This rebuilt building is a good example of this type of layout.

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  • Pamela

    We have many of these buildings too in the Canary Islands. I love them. Those patios are so tranquil. The fact that many have been reconstructed, as this has, is also a wonderful testement to the fact that there are still some absolutely magnificent artists in carpentry living today.

  • I love this architectural style. It is nice to be “inside” while being outside. Thanks for the DP advice too – I didn’t know about the repository – it is very helpful!!

  • that’s a beautiful place!

  • luggi

    Wow! There’s a whole world behink the city blogs I wasn’t even aware of!

    I love this kind of architecture. There are a few examples in L.A. and I’ve visited these kind of houses in Mexico. I’ve often dreamed of building a house like this (and being rich).

  • Pamela, I imagine the Spaniards took this style everywhere they went. I am pretty sure we even find in Manila.

    Felicia, now that you mentioned it, I think “inside out” would be better title for the photo.

    Lisi, you city also has beautiful places. I am stalking you, I know where you’ve been lately. 😉

    Luggi, I lived in LA for long time (well, Long Beach) and I did not see this type of architecture there. But, you have shown me places I did not know existed in LA. I wish I had seen more of LA then.

    LA is on my mind often, I listen daily to KCRW from Santa Monica, KKJZ from Long Beach and Ry Cooder’s “Chávez Rabine” is one my favorite albums lately.

  • Gail Kelly

    Could you please tell me how to contact the owners of this hotel. We are going to Antigua in March and would love to stay there. I can’t find a web site or email address. I would be happy to phone them from here to make the reservation. I would so appreciate your help if you could give me the phone number or email address for the Palacia de Dona Leonor.
    Many thanks.

  • Hello, we appreciate everybody that is interested in Palacio de Doña Leonor.
    My Name is Rodrigo Gereda and I am the manager, the information you need is the following:
    Web: Tel: (502) 7832-2281 E-mail:
    We cordially invite you to take more pictures as the decorations inside of the Palacio, they have been renovated and upgraded…
    If there is anything else let me know;
    Rodrigo Gereda

  • The pic is lovely…protection from midday sun. Similar architecture in the Canary Islands sounds fascinating. Thanks for the info.