To sleep or to guard, that is the question

There can not be a cat photo without a dog photo. So here you have a dog asking himself the difficult questions that troubled Shakespeare and not allowed him to get a good-night-sleep. I believe that dog has resolved quite nicely; not much to guard anyway.

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  • he’s taking some time off..Zzzzzz

  • I think even though they are sleeping they can be still very watchful. They don’t seem to sleep very deep, more like dozing…

  • I love animals. In Guate, we had two dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. We had a chompipe once, but he was destined to be um, food. It was sad. And traumatic. He was our pet. RIP Chompipe.
    As far as the dogs, one would bark from under the pila because she was small, but feisty. The other would go and bark at anything, anyone, even the shadow in the corner. He meant well. When my sister mopped the hallway, our two dogs liked to slide down the wet, shiny floor. I think they even laughed. Needless to say, my sister was not a happy camper.