Detail of a Stairway

Stairway of Hotel Centro Colonial

One thing is very obvious in the photos of Guatemala: Green is everywhere (Lisi would be happy here since she loves green). On my post of Wood used as fuel in Antigua, I told you the etymology of the word Guatemala; in short it means Land of forest. For the whole story go, click the link above.

Now for the trivia: What other words in any language could be translated to the concept of “land of forests or trees”? I will get you started with three: Quauhtlemallan in Nahualt, Quiche in Maya, Holland in Dutch. Please help with other words in other languages.

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  • Not only do you take excellent photos of doorways, you also are a genius with staircases!

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of Camera Lucida since you mentioned it. None in KL nor in Singapore. I went to the bookstore today and ordered it. They’re not too sure but hopefully it’ll be here in a month or two. Fingers crossed. i bought Susan Sontag’s On Photography just to placate myself. I read somewhere that it makes a good companion to Barthe.

  • Hi Rudy! I love greens too you know 😉 And this is one killer shot! Beautiful composition!

  • Edwin: Thanks for the tip on Susan Sontag’s book. I will be ordering some books in the next few days and I will add it to my list. P.S. Welcome back!

    Anne: I imagine many of us do. I tease Lisi that she follows green because many of her photos that I like have green. Although, I believe she is doing great work with the rainbow just now.

  • I looks like a nice place to just sit a while.

  • Beautiful shot! I wish I were there right now!

  • patsy poor

    what is that black object above the stair way looks like wires running to it?

  • I love this photo. Awesome shot!

  • Antigua es una ciudad muy hermosa, su nombre de la capital de la eterna primavera es muy cierto.
    Saludos desde Brasl

  • hey…that of course is beautiful green, and this place looks pretty cool too because of the green!…(I mean the cool in contrast to warm). In fact, I notice your blog is pretty green too! thumbs up!

  • Hola saludos desde Brasil a los amigos de la capital de la eterna primavera.

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