Name the three cats contest

three cats and lunch

I know you are not supposed to post photos of cats on your blog. I am bending the rule here just to bring to you the vista of three hungry cats just moments before lunch. Okay, other people from the Daily Photo Family have clever contests all the time, so, I am having a contest here too.

The person that comes up with the three most original names for the cats will win a post card (either a generic one from Antigua or a photo from this blog turn into a post card, your choice), the Guatemalan postage stamps and a personal hand-written note from me. Let the game begin!

© 2006 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Mafarrico, Piruças e Franjinhas

  • No complaints from me about showing cats: I’ve got five of the things, but that also means I am beginning to get short on ideas of what to call any more of them. 🙂

    How about …Maya, Itza’ and Achi?

  • i didn’t know one isn’t suppose to post photos of the cats, why is that?!? funny, i was debating last night if i should post a photo of two cats i took recently.

    you could give your cats names:

    Lilly, Laura, Luna

  • I like the soft muted tones on the wall, door, AND the cats. Where do these rules come from (no cats)??

  • Jazzy and Kate: The web is very young and blogs are even younger. When enable the capability of publishing a blog and gave it the masses, many cat-centric site emerged and many more included photos of their cats, so the establishment (the media) dismiss blogs and their importance on the basis that they only publish notes about cats and dogs. Many bloggers felt this posture trivialized the quality of information and the revolution that it was taken place, so many agreed on an ‘unwritten’ rule: do not publish photos of your cats. Others took it the other way, if you do not have anything to publish, you can always post photos of your cats. More or less, that is how it came to me.

  • So far it looks like only Nuno and Pamela are interested in the post card. Oh well, just remember this: Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo is an equal-opportunity site, we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual preference, handicaps, or city of origin.

  • Pauline

    I think,Tootsie,Nama and Smudge…
    They are all cute names?!!

  • Ellen

    Ideas for the cats names …
    Huehue, Chichi, and Quetzal
    (Huehuetenango, Chichicastenanto, Quetzaltenango)

  • Meg

    What an absolutely lovely photo! But I am definitely NOT a cat person, so I’m having a hard time with names…. Let’s see…. Tama, Mike (me-que?), Kuro are the most popular cat names in Japan, I think…. For these guys, I’ll go for Breakgast, Lunch and Dinner…

    By the way, I just loved your description about cat-mad people posting pictures on blogs. Here, bloggers are seen as wannabe journalist. No way.

  • Meg

    “Me”, “Me, too” and “What about me?”

  • Meg

    Cleo, Tony & Ceaser

  • wwooww, mucha gente esta participando eh, es ke el premio esta realmente encantador. Akí van mis 3 nombres para los gatos:
    “Guate”, “Daily” and “Photo”.

    Saludos desde Perú

  • Chantal

    I set up a contest on the forum I use, but it’s going slowly – – as are my attempts to come up with names! 🙁

  • Chantal

    uhhhh…. Harpo, Groucho and Chico?

  • Okay, you amateurs, step aside! My entries are: Sin Verguenza, Famelico and Esperanzado. Those are the three most common characteristics of cats everywhere.

    Rudy, this doesn’t even count as bending the rules. It’s not a picture of cats, it’s a scene where cats play only a part. Who’s at the table having breakfast?

  • Hey Marie, Imagine calling those cats using your names; move over–Okay Rudy: Uno, Dos, Tres (Like it??!!)

  • Those who share their lives with cats know that it doesn’t matter what their names are. They only come if it’s dinner time or if they feel like it.

    When I get ready to feed my cats, I say “all hungry kitties, report to the mess hall!” And they do!

  • I’m glad you bent the rules because your photo is wonderful, I love the soft yellow ochre light. Just another of your little miracles. Please keep going Rudy !

  • Lillian

    With such a great prize, I figure I should at least give it a try! I like the idea of the names being Spanish (or Mayan) and of them being related as a trio in some way. Also, I like having them be practical, easy-to-use names. Below are some ideas (one of which doesn’t fit my own criteria!). My favorite of the other suggestions so far is Huehue, Chichi, and Quetzal.

    Tierra, Viento, Fuego [earth, wind, fire]

    Ayer, Hoy, Mañana [yesterday, today, tomorrow]

    The Three Musketeers (a famous novel by A. Dumas)
    Athos, Porthos, and Aramis

    Another funny thought is you could give them each part of a long name, e.g. Chichi, caste, and nango — then to call them all you could just say “Chichi-caste-nango!”

    The photo is wonderful; I love its light and mood.

  • Bethany

    It looks like the cats are plotting how to get the man’s lunch so I think you should name the 3 cats:
    1) Weak
    2) Ant
    3) Achem
    Call all the cats at the same time and it’s Weakantachem (We Can Take em’)

  • Chaos, Havoc and Ruckus

  • patsy poor

    peter, patty and penny

  • And the winners are… okay, it is inspiring to see the amount of creativity around the naming of the three cats. I wasn’t hoping such magnificent names; I thought more in the line of already famous cat-names like Garfield, Top Cat, et-cetera. It is a tough decision among all the fabulous names, so I decided to extend the prize to three winners which are: Lillian with Chichi, Caste and Nango; Pamela with Maya, Itza’ and Achi; and MarieMcc with Sin Verguenza, Famelico and Esperanzado. Please, the three winners send me your mailing address and the photo you would like as a post card or if you choose a generic post card through the contact the author form.

    I thank all the participants for their name contributions. I am really impressed with all the creative names and the logic behind them.

  • Meg

    Yay to the winners (whatever some of the names mean!) Will I have to start learning Spanish to win your contests? Yikes!!!

  • Tea

    Yes those kitties do look hungry. No problem showing cats I wouldn`t think. I do it quite often with our three.


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